What is 3PL Order Fulfillment Service? How Does It Help Sellers?

What is 3PL Order Fulfillment Service? How Does It Help Online Sellers?

Order Fulfillment Service


It must be more challenging for sellers who have met successful business expansion and deals in multichannel with various products but could not give their best with an in-house order fulfillment setup. Third-party Logistics or 3PL is a name given to an outsourced order fulfillment support system. The external party is being hired or assigned to accomplish each order coming from different online channels. The task starts from order acceptance received from the seller till its delivery to the end customer with reasonable applied charges. This method is trendy and recommended for medium or large eCommerce sellers. 

In organizations where traditional in-house methods incorporate eCommerce order fulfillments, the chances of delay and incorrect deliveries are prevalent. Sellers used to face a lot of degrading comments in the feedback, and customers denied purchasing from such sellers again in the future. These issues gave rise to adaptation to external sourcing of logistics that safeguards customer sentiments and allows sellers to achieve Buy Box Button effectively. Let us look forward to how third-party logistics contributes to sellers' business strengthening process by learning its process and perks below. 

How Does 3PL Work?

The 3PL is an agency that dedicates a team to simultaneously coordinate and fulfill sellers' bulk order fulfillment for each eCommerce online marketplace. It is a hustle-free technique that relieves the seller regarding all the order processing and shipping to perform the operations deliberately. The most significant advantage of such a system is that sellers can dedicate their efforts and time in improvising better future insights and business core decisions. No deal can be ineffective with its fulfillment process, encouraging better customer engagement with speedy growth opportunities. One such example is Amazon FBA, a 3PL that provides features to sellers who decide to execute the service on the Amazon marketplace. 

Perks 3PL Offers to Encourage Online Sellers Growth 

  • Enhance Buy Box Possibilities

The Buy Box Button is the biggest advantage sellers look forward to gaining on any eCommerce online marketplace. It allows sellers to operate at high conversion rates and gain competitive benefits. But one of the most uphill tasks to get closer to achieving Buy Box is creating a solid order fulfillment system. 

Buy Box Button demands sellers to ensure good shipment records that encourage buyers to return for future purchases. If you cannot offer such customer service with quick delivery, then the buyers may shift from your product listing to your rivals' one. Hence, you may try allocating your responsibilities to a third-party logistics provider who could enhance your shipping schedules to facilitate customers' purchase experience and push you ahead of your objective: Buy Box Seller. 

  • Improve Customer Sentiment

It has been noticed that ineffective warehouse management results in loss of sales. It could be due to inadequate stock level, incorrect item pickup, wrong shipping label, delay in delivery, etc. In such cases, the fulfillment process automatically drains its efficiency and lousy customer service.

Try third-party logistics when you are stressed with negative sentiments due to a lack of warehouse management for an eCommerce business. It is primarily designed to carry out your bulk order processing, warehousing, inventory allocations, and effective shipment. The wholesome package of order fulfillment services facilitates you to build long-term relationships with your potential customers. It aims to gain the trust and reliability of loyal customers with sellers.

  • Helps in Branding

Branding is a need of modern businesses. In the eCommerce industry, it is the essence of the business that you could create and identify amazon as your target market. Outsourcing helps in this regard too. When you apply to outsource for eCommerce order fulfillment, you can enrich your branding through the innovative packaging method you want them to apply for your product. 

In this way, sellers have maintained brands' selling interest by encouraging branding and releasing their products through a third party. Branding unlocks brand awareness chances that also helps publicity among other new customers' engagement. You can uniformly sell on different brands' products and keep your long-term selling control in your hands. 

  • Integration with Major Online Marketplaces

Integration of third-party logistics is even better when you operate in omnichannel. Sellers can access their major tasks on all online platforms they operate in to ensure seamless coordination. You can easily apply a 3PL for your online channel parallelly and strategically manage your selling efficiency through a central mechanism. 

Many eCommerce business management software integrates with online platforms like Flipkart, Paytm, Amazon marketplace, and more. This allows sellers to operate with external interference but with data in records to monitor the same effectively. You can use such details to analyze your business performance and plan your insights accordingly in a foolproof manner.

  • Next Day Delivery Power

You must be aware that online platforms offer next-day delivery service that has enormously hiked the purchase rate. But if you cannot manage your current order fulfillment effectively, which needs your 2-3 days engagement in fulfillment, how can you cope with the rising eCommerce market standards? The answer is with the help of an eCommerce Third-party Logistics. 

You can take assistance from it to offer your customers a fast and fantastic delivery service. As a seller, you may get involved in other business activities and not facilitate delivery on the promised time to your buyers. But the same objective will be achieved if you let in an outsourcing method which will be there to dedicate themselves to facilitate your selling efficiency. With this implementation, you can run your business more professionally and even adhere to some exciting advantages that will let you compete in a susceptible market with consistency. 


The main focus of business is creating an environment where sellers do not have to struggle to administer their routine tasks. Order Fulfillment is one such function that expects sellers to be organized, accurate, and immediate with services. With external support to your business, you can release the burden of your tasks that are complex and vast to handle. This will only give you the flexibility to innovate more and create history in your business. Therefore, if you are not in practice, try out 3PL, which has shown excellent results over online order fulfillment.

Top Ways to Get More in D2C (Direct-to-Customer) Businesses

Best Approaches to Get Better Profits in D2C (Direct-to-Customers) Businesses


Direct-to-Customers is a great deal to adopt where products are to be sold directly to the customers from the manufacturer. You must have realized that social media like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc are used to sell products lately. Millions of brands already have a market in D2C (DIRECT TO CUSTOMERS), where they deal with a specialized product. This product is exclusively available in their virtual stores and is provided to buyers without indulging online retailers. Many articles and videos are made to spread knowledge and advantages of B2C and excite budding entrepreneurs to utilize this business model. Many eCommerce companies quickly adopted earlier B2B and now the same response is seen in D2C also. Nowadays, D2C business models have emerged with better scopes of profitability with cost-effectiveness. That is why, following the trend, we will discuss the tricks for D2C brands to increase their sales and customer engagement. 

Approaches to Hike Sales in D2C Businesses

  • Be Unique

The modern business era says that acceptance and innovation are the keys to success. If you are not ready to accept challenges and launch something unique in the market, you’re not different from the crowd. You are in the market’s highlights to make it easier for you to market your product and create an identity among the target buyers. D2C is a business module where brands deal directly with their shoppers. Cost and features are two components that can let you shine in this. 

Try to give your buyers a reason to look for you playing with your business ideologies. Either you may use your low price-high quality method or a never seen before feature, but it is all in your hand how to outshine the competitors. Your Unique Selling Point makes it worth operating in D2C. Yes, That is true. You may think that you can deal out better by operating your business without any mediator costs and a long business management process. Still, other challenges also need to be faced and sorted out with effectiveness.

  • Be Available Everywhere

As mentioned above, your existence should not be focused on your virtual store only but everywhere to remind your customers of the latest updates. If you have noticed, marketers are now floating digital ads and promotional posts on-site or through PPC (Pay Per Click). This gives them not just customer engagement but also market research opportunities. The most exciting thing is the power to analyze what your competitors are earning upon and their USPs. And when you run your digital marketing materials, you could simultaneously study your product response and rivals’ technique. 

You need to be present on every possible platform your online customers are active on. It is believed that the customer base spends more time on the internet than anywhere else. As a result, you gain a scope of popularizing and connecting with them through your advertisement in such places. In this manner, you may convert your visitors as your loyal customers and high on-site traffic. Due to high visibility, make as much effort to build trust and reliability among buyers to look for your product.

  • Be Creative

Creativity means presenting your brand website and social posts (blog subject or video ads) in an imposing way. You may think of adding something attractive and engaging that may not directly relate to your brand but has relevance with you. For example, if you have a stationary product, your social poster may relate to your viewers with their wonderful school days. During a pandemic where everything is on pause, this could hit them hard with their memories and help you get their attention quickly. Similarly, you may think of ideas that can get you more accessible conversions. Subjects like breaking the social stigma and advocating life mantras enable D2C brands to connect with their customers immediately. 

Some D2C brands have made their image supporting programs like “save animals and environment" and more. This keeps on showcasing them as respectful and easy-to-believe upon brands. And if you have such a Public Relations technique in your market, you will face less hardship in maintaining reasonable conversion rates. 

  • Customer Referrals 

Think of getting a 40% discount on your next deal by just recommending your three more friends about a particular product. Interesting, isn’t it? Also, nobody can get you on top better than your very own customers. So, let them speak about your brand. Use referral tricks to let the existing customer get benefit with the exchange of recommending and branding your product without actually paying them. Many great D2C companies have adopted the method and asked their customers to share the product link with their beloved ones and help the brand grow. After every marketing strategy, this effortless strategy is impressive and effective. 

The trick is also good to connect with buyers to create brand awareness. As D2C brands are not much-known business firms compared to B2C companies, it benefits them in that term. You can make customer relationships with less investment. So, if you have a D2C, try the trick and thank us later. 

  • Make Use of Reviews

Try to research your customers’ choices and preferences. Your product doesn’t need to be liked by every customer in the target. You should also not neglect those buyers who have the potential to let you gain more but are not interested in your product. Utilize customer reviews to study them mentally and realize what they are upset about. Not just your feedback but your rivals’ feedback would also work to let you plan effectively. You can also highlight such reviews, which have some keywords and engaging experience to influence the new buyers right away. 

D2C is not available everywhere in the eCommerce world. They only reside in their virtual store. Using their reviews and testimonials of happy customers will benefit them more. D2C organizations should always try to grab their target market with all their efforts. 


D2C is an excellent ideology where you can connect and sell your products from your warehouse to your buyer’s doorsteps. There is no multiple seller commission and maintenance cost involved. You are not even required to do massive promotions on eCommerce multichannel as you have your customized store. But what you are required is to choose the proper method to create leads. If you are an expert in this, the rest is easy and exciting to operate and get impressive results altogether. Try to implement all or some of the tricks mentioned above and let us know how impactful it was with your business experience.

Software That Reduces eCommerce Business Operational Costs

Software That Reduces eCommerce Business Operational Costs


eCommerce marketplace is less costly in the settlement, maintenance, and operational costs compared to offline marketplace. Unlike offline businesses, sellers are not required to have a high budget involvement that could imbalance the selling efficiency due to high financial flow. eCommerce Online marketplaces have many routine duties such as bulk order management, inventory management, customer services, etc. These all contribute to long-term business survival. But discovering that operating on virtual marketplaces can even be cost-efficient, easy, and transparent can even be better. This article will discuss using tools that help in easy and fast eCommerce business management. 

The significant thing to recollect in utilizing these five programming items is that they exist to make your business processes simpler, less expensive, and more powerful. Regardless of the staff strength or size of your business, these solutions help you comprehend your customers and products and arrangements to allocate finance for their future needs and keep them smooth for operations. Significantly, this software guarantees effective administration of organization time, reliable income development that is unhampered by lacking functional strategies, and protects organization data against mishaps.

Let us understand what more exciting things you can add to your business to control your financial flow effectively. 

Tools to Lower Your Business Recurring Cost
  • eCommerce Business Software

It is a cloud-based tool that works on the mantra of providing strength to sellers in managing their organization powerfully. This software business management system processes ongoing operations in real-time such as stock management, logistics, shipping, bulk order management, accounting, and reconciliation in an integrated format. The seller gets all the information with guaranteed accuracy and advancement. Do not miss on your accessibility over any online operational activities through a solitary dashboard in almost no time. The dashboard lets the seller share the information for better team coordination without any hustle. You may get the ability to analyze your business operations with market research and comparative rivalry reports instantly. Save your finance before spending on duplicate and inaccurate mechanisms, and always form a stabilized e-commerce operation.

  • Customer Relationship Management Software

Customer Relationship Management is a unique tool designed with artificial intelligence to focus on customer experience and preferences. This software focuses on building high customer sentiment and reports data on customers’ trends and taste historically and presently. The dashboard operates for a multichannel customer base to provide comprehensive customer analysis to the eCommerce marketplace sellers. It also considers marketing tools floated on Social Media like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc., and on-site promotional items’ response to give the idea of customer engagement and loyalty with the business compared to the competitors. It encourages sellers to choose their best marketing strategies and future insights for improved customer engagement. Sellers must not compromise on customer reviews and rating management even if the comments state a negative experience with the services. Instead, it would help address such negative feedback to resolve customer complaints and enjoy brands’ high goodwill on Omnichannel, which gets easier with CRM Software implementation.

  • Security Software

Security Software is must-have software support that strengthens the business operations to safeguard the sellers’ business in every perspective. The security software deals with administrating unethical activities such as listing hijacks, maldetection, spyware detection, etc., and notifying the business before any losses occur. This is the best power an eCommerce business requires to settle with peace and focus on their core business. Several times, online sellers operating in multichannel help them innovate with brand hygiene and do not let them loose on a single penny. Suppose you do not want to face any hustle in managing your finances and streamlining your business. In that case, the first thing to implement in an online business is protecting your virtual store from hidden undisciplined actions. It impacts your selling efficiency and lowers your brand image in the entire marketplace.

  • Analytics Software

eCommerce is very much prone to get captured and attacked through undisciplined activities mishappenings in real-time may not get noticed. That is why it has now become a need for each online brand to implement an analytics tool. It is an artificial intelligence designed solution for tracking the eCommerce business on multichannel. They have incredible features like instant alerts on Listing Hijacks, Price Breaches, Outstocking, Back-in stocks, etc. It facilitates the organization with a quick market research over sellers’ performance, product performance, and keyword performance so that no deal is missed. It is highly essential to build brand-friendliness and achieve competitive benefits. Along with this, you would have improved customer experience and brand image that increases your sales rate incredibly with effective investment plans.

  • Communication Software 

You must have received calls and emails asking you to float your feedback about the product you purchased and sellers who provided services for the same. In this regard, communication software manages your relationship and performance rate in the eCommerce industry. It lets you give substantial competitive advantages in the light of increasing competition. The call centers they establish to call the customer can be monitored and recorded for analyzing what your customers are looking for from you. You may have a different approach to marketing your product and getting them the best assistance to understand the real market happenings. It does not let the brand invest in areas of operation that are irrelevant to customers’ expectations. They safeguard your money in terms of strategizing your business deals. 


The end thoughts of the article are concentrating on your main business management deals and your back-office support system. Suppose you are a seller who aims to get high conversions but has concern and control over their other related activities mentioned above. In that case, you may lose out on your actual business potential. As all the stated types of software are paid, small sellers can reach out for unpaid services and features that could save the company till you grow. And sellers who have a good command and conversions already in multichannel operations must not rethink implementing such software before it’s too late.

Why Does eCommerce Have More Customer Base Than Physical Business?

Why Does eCommerce Have More Customer Base Than Physical Business?

Base Than Physical Business


India has seen tremendous growth in entrepreneurship. Many adults and youngsters, for that matter, have launched their new business in the country. Some have quickly been accepted in the market, like Nykaa, Ola, Swiggy, Byjus, and more. And some are still finding a suitable method of launching a business. In this case, eCommerce marketplaces have also seen a considerable rise in customer engagement and sellers community relevance. For a long time, online channels have struggled to gain trust and irregularity in operation with impressive profit. Initially, customers were not ready to purchase due to risks associated with virtual mediums. But after the digitalization, online businesses have bounced back immensely in the market globally to get an identity. 


But gradually, with a consistent and professional approach, channels have successfully built trustworthy impressions in the market. It is trendy to buy products online. There are more than lakhs of online platforms operating in the industry. Incredibly, Amazon marketplace sellers are the new charm of online business. The platform has achieved remarkable growth and thinks of innovative additions for sellers and buyers. But still, many brands and sellers hesitate to launch their eCommerce business. This article will tell you why you must start thinking positively about virtual stores and online selling to motivate you to exercise the same. 

Reasons for Initiating Online Stores in 2022
  • Digitalized Era

You must have heard of Digital India and its growth plans many times. Everything has been online, and even your personal information is available on the web. It means you must also execute your business plans online. Yes, the digital generation has a habit of accessing things at their fingertips. Everything is done online, from ordering food to finding answers to their queries. 


That means people like being active on online browsers for every matter. And when there is a lot of public attention, there are thousands of business opportunities. Think differently but digitally to implement and incorporate for your new business large-scale operation. Get started with a transparent and speedy business idea that has everything you wonder.

  • Long-Lasting Survival Chances

You must have seen phases of business nature. eCommerce was always preseason in our surroundings but had different mechanisms. It was a barter system (exchange of goods), and then it was for money (buying products with monetary value) where survival of business where business survival wasn’t a big issue. There is an eCommerce business where everything is on a solitary dashboard to fulfill your needs and desires. The Online business is going nowhere in the coming decades. Physical stores can be expanded in a chain store, but it does not ensure your long-term survival. It can be popular among a particular customer base but not grant them home delivery. It can give the freedom to negotiate, but the online brands and sellers have better and exciting offers to serve their buyers.


Customers have adopted the easy-peasy shopping habit through their cell phones without stepping out of their comfort zone. These all contribute to the surety and security of long-term online business existence. Nowadays, even a physical store also has a virtual platform to interact and deal with their customers, which is unnecessary when you hold an online store.

  • eCommerce Exclusive Features

Apart from every comparative advantage, eCommerce channels have seen growth inaccessibility because of the unique and comforting features provided to the sellers and buyers. Sellers are free and flexible in their operations through the help of their best eCommerce business management software. With this, they benefit from bulk order processing, inventory management, integrated accounting, and reconciliation system, and much more accurately and efficiently. They can manage large-scale operations in no time for multichannel without geographical boundaries.


Similarly, customers also have the advantage of easy return & refund, varieties of comparative products, home deliveries, discounted products, easy payment methods, etc. Unlike physical stores, customers are not needed to survey the market, dedicating hours to it. Even sellers are not restricted to location-wise operations. It eases the business activities and creates better scopes each day that helps the market to launch something better and beneficial for market parties. 

  • Hike in Customer Utility

Recently, customers of any generation have been prone to indulge in window shopping. Online shopping demands just a smartphone with a data connection, and you are exposed to a global class of purchase experience. Everything can be bought from online brands and sellers, from necessities to luxurious items. As people spend more time being active on social media and all, they tend to visit some virtual stores and get influenced to purchase the product. They even become loyal customers of the online seller. 


They can exchange their experience with others also through floating reviews and ratings. This helps other customers decide the best seller before spending their money. Easy and efficient marketing activities also engage customer attention and help the brands and sellers for organizational benefit. Brands use Amazon or Flipkart advertising tools or even special media promotions to get better conversions, which are flooded with users.

  • Recession Hard Hit to the Market 

Since 2020, many physical stores or brands have seen a drawback due to uncertain pandemics around the globe. Every industry got affected, and the most adversely affected businesses are the small and medium-sized businesses. It involves some recognized startups which just started and faced the issues and loss of customers. But this time, eCommerce still managed to be in a better position. Every customer was searching for their needs online. Online sellers and marketplaces got a lot of attractive deals and customer engagement. 


Because customers had no other options, they tried buying things online, and here, the online marketplace sellers did a great job. This somewhere impressed the customers to rely on them for subsequent purchases. And hence, the recession was not that bad for online sellers and brands. Undoubtedly, this recession stage is not going to improve sooner and is not even suitable for online businesses, but still enhancing opportunities lies online only. 


There are plenty of reasons you may find to switch on selling online. eCommerce marketplace has a style of flexible, transparent, vast, and global operations. You can quickly boost your profitability if you have the proper assistance back-office power. It does not demand high setup or working capital, no expensive branding, no word of mouth but just consistent and ethical online business abidance. However, every decision requires your total concentration and determination to gain the best.

How to Sell on Instagram and Expand Reach for eCommerce Brands

How to Sell on Instagram and Expand Reach for eCommerce Brands

Sell on Instagram and Expand


Social media plays a vital role in building a good engagement for online brands and sellers. With the emergence of eCommerce marketplaces on Flipkart, Jabong, Amazon marketplaces, etc. sellers have started finding new ways to increase their customer base. You must have acknowledged creative and exciting social media promotions on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and more. They may be in content posts, videos, or collaboration. They have become the most impactful marketing tools as almost all generations are active on one or the other social media platform. Among such platforms, Instagram has the highest growth rate in the last six months worldwide. 


Over 50% of growth in user engagement and over 63% of marketers switched to expose their product on Instagram for sales. But not every business knows the right way to get an exciting and enthusiastic response from your target customers. This is because the ineffective method of floating promotional posts does not give a good result. For that matter, you need to learn the correct usage of the Instagram platform for gaining better conversions and business expansion. 

Tricks to Apply for Instagram eCommerce Marketing Opportunities
  • Find Your Best Posting Time

Timeliness is the essence of eCommerce social media promotion. Suppose you are a seller who has built an Instagram Business Account to create an existence in such platforms. In that case, you also need to research your optimized timing for landing your promotional materials. Learn the timings of your potential customers active in the largest population. This requires in-depth market research to understand when the users are attentive and visit online brands’ websites. It also lets you know which is your customers’ center of interest. It is recommended that brands must not have unorganized or untiming posting rules. Decide a fixed posting timing and think before you float your post as per its engagement and informative efficiency. It can grant you a successful way to plan influential customer promotional strategies. Remember, time is money, and you must not spend it rigorously. So bring the change with excellent punctuality and discoveries in your business.

  • Give Right Hashtags to Your Posts

In social media platforms, attention is grabbed through hashtags that work like customer keywords. These are words that are trending and relating to your product and brand. You may use the popular hashtags; it gives you ease in achieving visibility and henceforth market your product incredibly. Try to glance over Instagram hashtags research which has introduced hashtags in the captions to add and get good conversions since it started. So, whenever your potential buyers search for any product related to your brand, your post would inform them to tap and visit your virtual store. The highest volume of engagement hashtags will get you the highest rate of responses. Therefore, regularly practice this exercise to have a real impact on your target buyers for connectivity.

  • Use Geolocations while Product Promotion

You must have seen some posts with locations briefing where customers can purchase the product. This is a technique used to introduce your brands’ physical product availability. For any business operating in an online and offline marketplace, this is the best plan to execute for hiking conversions. You may also add Online marketplaces website routing to your product listing that makes a simple purchase procedure. This geolocation is an excellent feature Instagram has integrated for an excellent marketing purpose fulfillment you must not miss.

  • Collaborate with Social Media Influencers & Marketplaces

Digital platforms are flooded with social media influencers. Some are making huge money and getting good followings in their Instagram handles by brands’ promotions day-by-day. This is even a better branding idea for sellers or brands too. You may collaborate with related eCommerce platforms like Meesho, Tatacliq, etc., or some known influencers with an impressive fan base. They promote the product by giving it a sample on videos. It works the same as asking a Bollywood Mega Star to advertise to achieve the final advertising objective: Conversions. These influencers also help convince and recommend their fans and followers to buy the product and give you a large-scale operational benefit. 

  • Explore IGTV (Instagram Television)

IGTV is a new term to describe videos posted on Instagram for more than 15 seconds. A user may make videos on products to introduce their qualities and offers. Sometimes, they may even last for an hour with relevant information in a single video. Online brands use this trick to let users talk about their product with deep knowledge and a comprehensive understanding to help customers know their product before purchase. As an online brand, you should also discover new and innovative ideas to add to your IGTV. You may take advantage of existing IGTVs and understand how your competitors extract values from them, and plan insights accordingly. It is advisable that every business Instagram handle must possess some great IGTV interactive sessions to engage customers with benefits.

  • Discover Instagram Stories 

Instagram story is a feature that has 24 hours accessibility to users. The post gets invisible or vanishes after this duration. Online brands and sellers can apply a regular posting of some offers, share customers’ feedbacks, new launches, etc. This is a short-term practice of branding your product to remind your connections regarding smelting new. To gain this benefit, perform it constantly and have an open or public handle that allows all users to view your stories, even not in followings. In this way, you may even impress them to follow you to get upcoming updates time-to-time. Design your stories with beautification and templates to give them an aesthetic and appealing look. The representation about the brand professionalism in operation. Hence, you are required to abide by all the eligibility to grab even your rivals’ customers. 

End Thoughts

The main motto of this blog is to make you realize how predictive it could be if you start accessing Instagram as well. This is the right and effective method for online channel conversions to open a gateway to budget-friendly promotions. It not just costs less compared to other marketing mediums but also has an enormous scope of opportunities. 


Along with this, you can have the best business management system also to strengthen your back-office operations like accounting, reconciliation, order processing, inventory management, and more. These tasks would get tougher because you would soon get bulk orders for processing after Instagramming your product. Cheers to your new growth!

Why Are Online Brands Fond of This D2C Business Pattern?

Best Automated Shipping Solution for eCommerce in India


D2C stands for Direct to Customers, which refers to the strategy of business that allows brands to sell their products to their potential customers directly. Here, everything is handled by the brand itself and does not allow any third-party involvement. Many online brands have started to launch their business in this pattern due to its hike in utility. This means the evolution of eCommerce models has given it the advantage to outshine because of its structure. In the past, this business system was not popular and even not in trend compared to today. Because of retail business popularity, firms never wanted to establish a D2C brand in the market. But now the situation is different than before. 

In this aspect, social media has played an essential role in allowing brands to market their products and services with effective customer engagement and create brand awareness. Through platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and more, brands have gained customer attention and have started earning higher profitability with bulk order fulfillment. Yes, that is absolutely true and incredible. Brands have introduced their online customized stores/platforms and generate leads directly from the sellers without mediators. Some well-recognized brands are Lenskart, Sugar, Healthkart, Noise, and more. They have an impressive customer base like any other eCommerce marketplace.

Great Benefits of D2C Type of Online Business Platform
  • Centralized Control

This pattern is centralized and does not require the involvement of a large group of people. The control center is single which operates on a business management solution that handles inventory management, order processing, warehouse management, accounting, reconciliation, etc. They do not have to pay channel fees for operation. Each order is received by customers directly, and the order processing and fulfillment start from there itself. They do not have to wait for a third party or online retailer to expose their product to gain conversions. Along with this, the brand is wholly responsible for its selling efficiency and brand image. Due to seller deficiency, there are no hardships in building consistent customer experience or negative reviews. 

  • Access to Customer Data

D2C eCommerce brands are always away from areas of pain, such as monitoring and maintaining customer data transparently. It is known that selling on eCommerce marketplaces increases complications and unclear points of view from the customer side. Online sellers do not get precise customer data to analyze their engagement, performance, and profitability rate. This is absent in terms of handling a D2C. Here, brands can automatically extract and analyze the real-time reports over every action, such as customer engagement, feedback, purchase rate, and more. They also know their performance rate by comparing historical data with the present details to plan better future insights. 

  • Cost-Effectiveness

The most beautiful thing is that D2C does not demand brands to invest on a large scale. This means the operational and maintenance cost is lower than a B2B(Business-to-Business) or B2C (Business-to-Customer). Unlike D2C, these two formats require high working capital and set-up expenses. D2C virtual stores are easy to launch, maintain, and upgrade with advancement without substantial financial expenses. They are specialized stores operating mainly on a specific product category to strengthen their business quickly. That is why their marketing strategies have a better focus and creativity to gain high conversions and inform customers with consistency that needs no prolonged effort. 

  • Easy to Build Brand Image

Improved brand image is significant but is hardest to achieve. If you are an online seller or brand, you must be knowing that a single ineffective business component can lead you to lose out on customer trust and reliability. You cannot take risks because small mistakes such as improper order management or stock unavailability, or more are some reasons sellers have lost their market control for the long-term. All this happens due to sellers being indeterminate to perform well in multichannel. They unfollow the ideal way of doing their job, and hence, the brand loses out on goodwill. But brand name is crucial and helps you maintain your customer base to compete vigorously. And in D2C, no seller, distributor, or any third party can stop to flaunt a secured brand image.

Few But Critical Issues with D2C on Online Channels

  • Expertise Knowledge of Product

 As mentioned above, D2C brands such as Wow Skincare, Licious, etc. are few Direct to Consumer brands that have created a reasonable control over the market. But do you know these specialized brand frameworks ask the brand to have professionals who can go through different researches with future business analysis? They cannot jump to any particular business without expertizing themselves. They would be required to have all the profound inside challenges and future opportunities to plan accordingly. 

Anyway, if you launch a business, you need sound money and manual support. If you make a wrong business decision for any unfortunate reason, that may lead to your store shutting down. And in the D2C case, you would not have another product category to safeguard yourself. That is why it is preferable to initiate a D2C only if you already have experience or depth knowledge on operating a typical business. 

  • Tricky Conversion Range

Being a specialized store, you need to know your target audience. As compared to Flipkart, Paytm, Amazon marketplaces sellers, it is evident that your online store would have a small customer base. This is due to your niche market nature. Your products are specific in feature, and therefore, your customer base is also focused. You cannot turn every type of visitor into your potential customers. This creates a little hardship in getting leads of purchase. 

In times of inflation, some D2C that have luxury items to offer face a lot of loss. Due to the current pandemic, few businesses switched their industry. Hence, you should be ready for any uncertainties and have a fool-proof action plan to protect your business.


It is good to apply something new and experiment in the business. But it should not give you a shock for your lifetime. That means you need to be well-informed regarding every action you are up to. But yes, dare to take it because if there is no pain, there is no gain. And this means you may not turn back just before you can make history. 

Unfollow the crowd, launch something of your idea, and see how much independence and potential you possess to grow your business with flying colors effectively.

Best Automated Shipping Solution for eCommerce in India

Best Automated Shipping Solution for eCommerce in India

Shipping Solution


Shipment Solution is a new launch in the eCommerce industry after a decade. This is the effect of the online business evolution in the multichannel, which has raised the demand to implement an automated delivery and stock shipment which is a severe concern. Earlier, brands and sellers used to operate in a traditional medium to process their bulk order processing in eCommerce. But lately, the community realized the rapidly growing business opportunities which require an effective method. 


There has been eCommerce business management software that guarantees to handle all the back-office work for a seller on a real-time basis. But is that meant for a powerful shipping facility also? Well, not every eCommerce seller or brand has access to a shipping logistics or shipping solution for their bulk order fulfillment. Shipping means all the tasks related to the delivery of the product which includes tasks such as being dispatched, released from the nearest warehouse for delivery, records of logistics, managing remote location deliveries on time, etc . 

Reasons to Apply Shipping Software in Your Business?
  • Ineffective Order Processing

In the world of eCommerce, immediate doorstep delivery has become their USP (Unique Selling Price). In this case, if the seller fails to deliver the product to its customers on promised time, then that may cost them a considerable loss. This deficiency directly impacts your brand name and customer experience. Improper Order Processing is a problem you face when your online business is not advanced. A technical server-based solution is required to handle all the concerns right from receiving an order to its delivery without any mistakes. If the report has error details, your resource on shipment automatically goes in vain. That is why apply a trusted and best order fulfillment software for a professional order processing and shipment experience. 

  • Distractions in Core Business Management

Shipping is just a part of an online business. If you are not organized to focus on your core business decision-making and only be stressed with the shipment mistakes, you lag in the competition. Online marketplaces sellers on Amazon, Flipkart, Jabong, Bigbasket, and more are expected to operate punctually even in pressured situations. They cannot be indulged in small but essential business components and lose their finance in shipment mistakes and logistics recurring costs. That is why they must apply a software solution that can guarantee fast and accurate data analytics. This real-time report can never be incorrect and saves the seller from an uncertain and substantial financial burden to concentrate on their primary business functions effectively. 

  • Operate in Remote Areas

Remote locations are hard to operate in online deliveries. Customers divert their purchase interest from your product listing to your rivals' product listing. You cannot depress them with an “unavailable for your location” statement. Despite this, you must apply an automated shipping solution for eCommerce that can help you achieve all the demands of your potential customers. This third-party software system assists and directs your order fulfillment and management for any location to improve customer experience. Through this, you never have to lose control over the market or get frequent order cancellations.  

Best Software for eCommerce Shipping Service in India
  • eCourierz

It has been over five years since eCourierz has been doing the shipping business and has been tremendously growing with its top-class automated service. The service started in 2015, and from that point, it has made its name in the shipping and courier market. In India, it is one of the first-class dispatch aggregator organizations. The service provider gives its customers exact and excellent quality administrations. Their main goal is “improved and coordinated operations for effective shipments.” The company serves 21000+ pin codes and offers the best worldwide management over the shipment. It is famous for its speedy and smooth working in almost all the locations. They claim to achieve the “Market and Information Leader” tag for multichannel operation in eCommerce.

  • Picker

Picker's unique design is the most encouraging in its artificial intelligence-based dashboard. Their dashboard is not difficult to access and is amazingly integrated with almost every eCommerce marketplace. It was launched in 2015, offering exclusive management for B2B and B2C businesses. From customized virtual stores to online marketplaces, sites are accessible for each type of seller. It is easy to install, and it's after services get active after a few minutes. An automated shipping aggregator guarantees better management, affordable rates, and transparent financial movements, unlike any other shipment tool.

  • ShipRocket

This is highly suitable for newbie sellers in any eCommerce marketplace due to its cost-efficiency. There is no operational limitation as it goes beyond the boundary for shipment with its selective assistance. ShipRocket is a new-age eCommerce solution for shipment challenges. The company offers flexible and varied shipment rates. There are no fixed plans, which means the seller can pay the shipping charges as per the order conveniently. It charges no extra expenses and facilitates a security cover for effective shipments. Another feature that makes it the best is that sellers can apply it for single order or bulk orders fulfillment. 

  • Shipyard

It is one of the most trusted and reliable shipping service companies in the world of eCommerce. It is truly outstanding for any business type and size. It offers three charge options for online sellers to apply as per their necessities. It offers flexible and adaptable operational shifts ( depending upon month-to-month and yearly periods). They offer their support worldwide, having four domestic partnerships. 


This article concludes all the shipment and courier services an online seller can face for any order fulfillment. It talks as a guide providing you the scopes of realization that you may not recognize yourself to implement an incredible shipment software technique. In eCommerce, where every operation is vague and requires fast-forward thinking, you must not waste your time and energy overloading yourself with petty operational duties. Apply a reputed and revised shipment program that can ease your hardships and encourage your rapid growth with complete efficiency.

The Most Effective Technique to Optimize Customer Returns

The Most Effective Method to Optimize Customer Returns with Right Technique

Customer Returns


Returns or Reverse Logistics is the term used to define such inventories which got returned for any specific cause under several excuses. These reasons can be products not working or wrong product delivery, and so on. These inventories have to be resold if they are in good condition. Also, this increases the workload while managing multiple storerooms inventory returns. 

In the eCommerce industry, some policies were introduced in the market like home delivery, try and return, and so on. One of such flexibility is customer returns which is the hardest to manage. In the race of being the best seller on Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, etc., they offer a return period to their customers. Sometimes, these customers take advantage of this policy and return the inventories after a week or within the set time with refunds. This impacts not only bookkeeping but also the reconciliation method. While processing orders, warehouse clarity gets dismissed, and improper order fulfillment occurs.

This all eventually creates ill-movement of inventories. Sellers cannot find out which amount of items are the genuine sold products and how many got returned. In multichannel operation, the sanity of reports and actions is the primary thing to gain high-valued goodwill and happy customers. But before this, let us learn the challenges that stop you from being a Buy Box Seller.

Challenges Faced By Online Sellers in Multichannel
  • Irregular Tracking on Returned Inventories

If the seller's warehouse management efficiency is lost due to irregularity in tracking the types of inventory in the storeroom daily, that's terrible news for them. They would not recognize the correct figure of procured, returned, and dead items. The tracking or recording of inventories in real-time facilitates the categorization of items for effective resales. Similarly, the fresh items should be counted under this category, and sellers must have a fool-proof idea regarding their future fill rate timing. 

  • Warranty of Customer Return Products

There are few products, usually electronic items like Television, Mobile, earphones, etc., have a warranty period. If the products get dispatched and if utilized by the buyer is uncertain when they get returned. Those products' warranty timing gets disturbed and has to be rechecked when resold. This is a significant step that hampers the customer experience. In this manner, customers' gets diluted when return products are resold to them. This requires an analytical approach for defining warranty separately for each product, including the returned ones. Another disruption is different warranty management organization engagement for ensuring the timeline of the product.

  • Improper Coordination with Logistics Team

The logistics team is responsible for logistics works like shipment and procurement. Sellers who are deficient in maintaining their coordination with their logistics department cannot ensure an adequate record and quick processing on Returns. This becomes a challenge because of its delayed functioning. If the sellers are unaware of their returns processing, that will be ill-managed and create scopes of errors while recording for future use.

  • Bad Customer Experience

When they receive wrong or malfunctioning products, customers already get depressed with the purchase sentiment. Also, delay in the return process is again not a good thing to feel. Even if they are your loyal customers, they will not choose to return to you subsequently. Therefore, you need to be innovative in deciding your return management policies in the team framework. A manual mechanism will only help you decode the situation's accurate action plans. Still, if the details are incorrect or time-consuming, your appropriate and immediate set of actions gets diluted. 

What Should You Ensure Through Technology-based Returns Management From Customers
  • Apply Clear Return Policies

Online marketplaces are rapid, dynamic, and uncertain. To become unique and best in operating, you land up with some disadvantages and challenges. But every problem has a solution. That is why a clear return policy solves your problem of high customer returns. Some customers are in the practice of buying the products and using it once or twice and bluntly returning them within the return policy. That is why you also need to be wise to handle such buyers. They can only turn out to be potential if you restrict these actions. Plan a strict set of rules with specialized products that can be returned quickly. Do not throw liberty to encourage reverse logistics. 

  • Acknowledge the Return Cause

The reason behind your frequent returns can also help you understand the correctness of your operation or product. The product may be ineffective because your loyal customers also wish to return it. A particular products' frequency of returns is a factor of product performance analysis. Additionally, your delayed delivery can be a cause too. You do not know how your business is flowing and hence are required to keep complete and strong surveillance that can tell you the real story of both sides before it's too late. 

  • Initiate Quick Return Processing

Apply such an automated tool to guarantee instant and accurate processing of inventory returns. It would be best to think about where to initiate or which stage is lagging the processing. This is again a chance to gain customers' trust so that they may forgive for their bad experience and like to revisit you. Technical tools for inventory management or warehouse management are the era's need. You cannot rely on a traditional framework to be actionable at the right time consistently. They may get the return request late and may initiate the process when the customer is already irritated. Therefore, it is advisable to implement adequate back-office support to protect customer retention. 

  • Provide Visibility to Customers

Visibility is the essential tool to enhance professionalism while operating in multichannel. Each online channel sends bulk orders, and each requires special attention. But this cannot happen when done manually. You must know the proper robotic assistance for your business administration. If you plan to gain high conversion on omnichannel, you need to apply a computerized technique to offer visibility on returning processes. Your customers would know which stage of return processing has been crossed and how soon they would be getting the refund as such. 


You are a seller that must have a futuristic approach towards your business. Gaining more conversions is more accessible than maintaining the trust and confidence of your customers. It will help if you are advanced in planning your business operations so that you do not lose out on deals. You must not compromise on consumer and brand image. You still want to make the corrections in optimizing your customer returns, search right away to know the best eCommerce integrated software solution, and enjoy smooth business growth.

Offline Mode is Obsoleted For Business Launch in 2022?

Why Offline Mode is An Obsolete Idea For New Business Launch in 2022?


Establishing a business is a vast competitive thing, especially while it gets its first start. Every person in business, either small, medium, or large try to give their best to establish their new market existence. This is a complex mechanism and requires a lot of back-office support and finance to build the business effectively. 

Many sellers get confused regarding their offline mode or online mode of business. If the business is of retail, then they must have a strong network connection that allows them to have a regular recurring operation without any hustle. But is it accurate to have an eCommerce base, too, for even an offline business model? Yes, because the era is modernized and digitized to such an extent that there is a “must-have” situation of getting an online platform presence. 

eCommerce Existence to Offline Mode of Business
  • High Working Capital

You cannot get more customers without advertisements and attractive physical stores in an offline business model. The customers would be local and visit as per their convenience to travel. But you have to pay the rent and the electricity bills of the store regularly. That means even if your customers are not frequent in visiting your store, you have to pay the bills even without profit. This burdens the working capital of the business. Along with this, you cannot engage your customers directly with consistency. 

It would be best to think about the store location area, its building structure, documentation, real-time maintenance, etc., and still, you are unsure about the returns. During a pandemic, the situations are worse because the government guidelines are not even allowing these stores to flourish. Therefore, if you are thinking of establishing an actual store, it can not be a fit choice per future circumstances. 

  • Partial Return on Advertisement

Brand awareness is the key factor to gain customers’ engagement. If you plan to launch a new brand in 2022, you need to understand the customers’ purchase interests. This year is a new calendar and has a lot of new business opportunities. But if potential customers would not acknowledge you as a brand, there would be no conversions. Eventually, you would require the best marketing strategy to have a grand launch. In an offline business model, marketing is costly.

You need to pay a massive amount of money to print posters, holdings, magazines, radios to make an announcement and educate about your new startup. After this, you will still be unaware of the exact amount of engagement compared to your efficiency. Your rate of return on investment would be vague every time. For small startups, it isn’t easy to ensure such a brand awareness required at the time of festive sales, new offers, and launching your business. 

  • Vague Customer Analytics

Customer data analysis is a challenging task in offline business. You cannot figure out the actual or approximate customer engagement. You cannot be efficient in your business because you have unreal ideation regarding your buyers and their expectations. Their customers’ feedback would also never be present during business analysis.

 In offline marketing, you can see if customers visit your store and purchase but cannot cherish the transparency between you and your customers. This transparency talks about their trust and reliability compared to other rival stores. Customers have started believing in windows shipping. In this aspect, an offline business idea gets a drawback to never being under this wishlist. 

What Can Be A Good-Fit for A New Business 
  •  Reach Large-Scale Audience

You may launch your new business in an online model. This is because this model helps you engage a large scale of buyers. The idea of omnichannel is another significant benefit you get through this mode. You can also advertise and brand awareness most efficiently. There is no boundary-restricted mechanism. You may get bulk orders which are unavailable in an offline business. There is a high rate of getting in the list of Best Sellers on Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, etc. It would help if you lost your control due to any “new normal guidelines". This futuristic business model is online or offline. 

  • Less Expensive Affair

You may have significantly less capital investment than an offline business setup that would float over time by giving you more conversions every minute. You would not have to worry about recurring high costs over physical store maintenance and stuff. All you have to manage your store would be through a well-planned warehouse and inventory management plan. You may also process your bulk orders through a business management software solution. Though online platforms require digital; methods of processing, it also takes over stress from regular operations. 

  • Ease in Advertising

You can use social media posts, PPC, blogs, or cross-marketing techniques to target your customers and let them introduce you to them. You can easily in no time make your market existence. There are no hardships in making the market your own. You may plan to have your virtual store or a website that can give your buyers everything they can expect from you. This is another evolution of doing business called mobile commerce. This allows brands to launch their products on Omni channels and their very own virtual megastore as well. 

  • Clear Data-analysis

Online platforms are popular because of their bulk order, rapid nature, and feedback feature. Feedback plays a significant role in understanding the market and the rival’s intentions. You may get your customers’ sentiments towards your products and order processing mechanism. You may have an analytical report on real-time customer engagement. The actual benefit behind this is expertized study over your business efficiency and effective planning future action. You may also adopt some attractive and innovative marketing strategies and look upon customers to reach out of it effectively. 


This is the right time to have a good start in the new world. You must not leave any stone unturned, and that is why you must try an online launch along with your offline physical store. Due to the dynamic environment of the current market, you must be wise in your decision to grab the best conversion and long-term customer relationships ahead without much effort and finance.