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eVanik OneWorld Suite takes the pain out of running a multichannel online business. With centralized inventory, real time reconciliation, integrated accounting and other powerful features and integrations at your fingertips, you’ll have more time to do the things you love.


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Payment | Inventory | Returns | Commissions Reconciliation


One-Click Integration with Tally ERP.9 | Zoho Books


See your online sales skyrocket with Analytics

Manage Inventory

Maximize Sales through Common Inventory

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eVanik OWS' USPs

eVanik OWS is trusted by thousands of online sellers

Easy to Use

Running a business is tough. That’s why we have made eVanik OWS extremely easy to use. We don’t like complicated software.


Online Sellers depend on us to deliver their most critical metrics quickly and correctly. eVanik’s robust algorithms are synced with Marketplaces every minute and are guaranteed to be accurate.

All the features you need

Perfect for beginners and experts alike, eVanik OWS assists businesses of all sizes.

Set up your account, pick a plan later

Try eVanik OneWorld Suite free for 14 days, no payment information required. All plans EXCLUDE GST @ 18%


Upto 1000 Monthly Orders

Rs. 1000 pm

Monthly: Rs. 2000 with Tally/Zoho Integration

Qtr: Rs. 2600 | Rs. 5000 with Tally/Zoho

6 Mth: Rs. 4500 | Rs. 8500 with Tally/Zoho

Annual: Rs. 8500 | Rs. 14500 with Tally/Zoho

3 Online Channels | Single Company | Single GSTIN


1000-2500 Monthly Orders

Rs. 2500 pm

Monthly: Rs. 5000 with Tally/Zoho Integration

Qtr: Rs. 6500 | Rs. 12500 with Tally/Zoho

6 Mth: Rs. 11500 | Rs. 21000 with Tally/Zoho

Annual: Rs. 21000 | Rs. 36500 with Tally/Zoho

5 Online Channels | Single Company | 03 GSTIN


Unlimited Orders

Rs. 3500 pm

Monthly: Rs. 7000 with Tally/Zoho Integration

Qtr: Rs. 9500 | Rs. 18500 with Tally/Zoho

6 Mth: Rs. 17000 | Rs. 31500 with Tally/Zoho

Annual: Rs. 31000 | Rs. 54000 with Tally/Zoho

Unlimited Channels | Single Company | 08 GSTIN


Tailor Made for Enterprises

Custom Plan

It's like picking up the ingredients and baking your own cake.

Send us your requirements for your online business

We will make the perfect recipe tailor made to suit your requirements

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Rajeev Jain

Unlike our previous experience on other aggregator platforms, we have never had a problem of our site being slow or going down even on stressful returns filing and heavy data integration with Tally.

Rajeev Jain - Ignite Systems, New Delhi

Manish Aggarwal

eVanik OWS has helped me grow my business amazingly. It’s been a pleasure because everything has been easier than I ever imagined.

Manish Aggarwal - Global Telelinks, Bangalore

Govil Gupta

eVanik is a great tool for sellers like us. It gives us so much more of productive time by taking care of all accounting matters, that we can focus much more on our sales

Govil Gupta - Mansa

Rajeev Jain
Manish Aggarwal
Govil Gupta

All the Features in One Place

Stay in Control of your e commerce business with the Smartest Features to Assist you 24x7

E Commerce Reconciliation

Just integrate your channels with eVanik OneWorld Suite and let us do the rest. Get your payments reconciled with 99% accuracy.

Automatic Repricer

Set your pricing bottom and high just for once and always get the winning Buy Now box for your products with no manual effort.

Visual Dashboards

Subscribe to our Add-On: the powerful and intuitive visual dashboards which are always connected with your data.

Returns Management

Keep a strong control on all your returns initiated by channels vs what you receive physically and in what condition.

Price Tracking

Let Salesla do the hardwork for you in terms of tracking what products to sell and at what price. Sip tea like a boss.

Inventory Management

Centrally manage and optimize your inventory across all your multiple ecommerce channels and keep growing your sales.

Integrated Accounting

Sync all your e commerce channels with your Accounting Software in a Single Click

Report Generator

Just one button will let you explore and download unlimited combinations of reports which you need for your decision making.

Track Product Wise Profit and Loss

Our robust algorithms will pull in all the numbers against every product which you sell on e commerce and give accurate P&L.

General Questions

We display all of the most critical business stats of your marketplace business. We track sales metrics (refunds, promo rebates, reimbursements) and expenses (Marketplace fees, COGS, Shipping) to calculate your unsettled payouts and profits.

eVanik OWS provides deep insights on your Reconciliation of payments, inventory, returns and commissions on a real time basis
eVanik OWS analyzes mass data files from your marketplaces and applies powerful algorithmic formulae to calculate sales, expenses, receivables, incorrect debits and profits in real-time.
No problem! eVanik OWS will keep getting updated every time the marketplace makes a change in various fee which they levy on your sales. eVanik also lets you update product costs easily and apply a specific unit cost for any custom date range.
We take privacy and security extremely seriously. Your data is never viewed by our team, unless requested by you. Sensitive data is encrypted using AES 256-bit encryption, the same level of encryption banks and governments use. You can read our full Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for further information.
It only takes 1minute to link your Seller Accounts to eVanik OneWorld Suite. You only need to link this up once, after that, the only thing you need to do is setup your Tax Rates, Commissions and Category to get complete and accurate business stats.

eVanik is tightly integrated with all major marketplace channels and fetches all relevant data points in a jiffy.
eVanik OWS runs in the background, importing new sales, payments and other data every minute. To prevent you from manually having to enter data, eVanik OWS will need to sync up to your Seller Accounts using Channel API (application program interface).

It’s fastest and most efficient way for eVanik OWS to automate your business stats.
Absolutely, every eVanik OWS plan supports an unlimited number of seller accounts, from any marketplace.
Currently eVanik OWS does not support any international marketplace outside of India.