Maintain, Sustain, Optimize Your Business for Success

Your success is a top priority at eVanik Networks and we ensure that our customers receive the maximum return on their investment.
That’s why every customer gets basic support. But as your business grows, you may need additional support. eVanik offers a full range of support offerings, from


Basic to Premium, to Advanced Customer Support

Each option provides specific service levels and capabilities, from online ticket submissions to chat and phone support, to managed services and onsite visits that help minimize the gap between your optimal solution and your actual solution.

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The Ways We Connect

  • Call:

This is the most convenient way to resolve through your seller panel. That is why we exclusively have to bring this facility to let you connect with us on any queries with a full satisfactory resolution. We would also be delighted to connect you on call and can easily decode what your concern is and try to solve it as soon as it could be. 

  • Chat:

Sellers who do not have surplus time to be on call and ping us regarding their issue anytime they want. This helps us to acknowledge what sufferings you are going through and you also do not have to take time to be on call. We provide instant responses that can eliminate any hardship while using our software. 

  • Ticket:

This format is to raise a complaint through your the seller panel. Any confusion or complaint you want to place for resolution, may apply on the same. Our consultants are available 24/7 to provide you with quick answers. We aim at maintaining a stress-free and user-friendly accessibility on our software. 

  • Email:

This is what it goes through in an email. As many sellers are present on mail, they find it convenient to place an email complaint or queries. That is why we have a presence on the same. You may drop your concerns on our email id and we would initiate the process immediately.