The Platinum Plan
For the Platinum Sellers. Yes, it Shines !

Manage 200 plus daily orders and returns, reconcile and integrate with your accounting ERP.
Track profits, Manage Inventory and lots more for the Top-Sellers.

eVanik Networks has been particularly sensitive to the growing needs to eCommerce Sellers in India.

While the software is on an ever-evolving path with more and more unmatched features getting added every day to make lives and business processes automated and simpler for eCommerce sellers, we always strive that our pricing gets derived from a “Return on Investment" logic and perspective.

The “Platinum Accounting Pro Subscription" plan is specifically designed for sellers who have entered the rapid growth trajectory and gross up to 7500 orders per month.

Our pricing philosophy

Our pricing philosophy and structure personifies our strategy of being a mutual company and delivering our services accordingly. eVanik’s pricing structure is based on our intent of not pursuing profit maximization and ensuring the ongoing sustainability of the organization into the foreseeable future for the benefit of our eCommerce Sellers.

The pricing philosophy is based on the following principles:


It is important that our pricing is simple, transparent, easy to understand, and implement for customers.

Cost recovery

eVanik will price with the aim of long-term gap and reconciliation led recovery for the purpose of ensuring long-term business sustainability of our customers


The pricing model will comply with all appropriate regulatory requirements.

Economies of scale

Pricing will ensure maximum economies of scale are delivered equitably to its customers in the eCommerce marketplaces and online business segments within which they operate.


Pricing is made available to our customers considering the fact that there has to be 24×7 access from anywhere and anytime with zero downtime and available to multiple users within their organization.


eVanik’s strategic positioning is that we exist as a SaaS model for the industry and do not seek to make profits for distribution back to our shareholders. Therefore, our pricing goals are fairness; transparency, and long-term sustainability

Subscription Tenures can be availed in Quarterly, Half-Yearly and Annual terms.

The average cost per order in a platinum accounting pro subscription ranges from just Rs. 1.20 in the case of quarterly subscription to Rs. 1.1 in case of half-yearly subscription and to as low as Rs. 1.00 in case of the annual subscription.

Sellers have complete access to all award-winning reconciliation and unmatched accounting integration features with dedicated support channels in the Platinum subscription of eVanik OneWorld Suite.