What is GST Return Form?

Each month a deal of your business is recorded in this month. GSTR-1 Returns is to give details of things written below.

  • Which goods, how much, when and how many have sold in the month?
  • Which goods, how much, when and how many have bought?
  • How much GST have you collected from the customer and given to the government?
  • The amount of GST tax you have paid on your purchases?
  • How much is GST tax liability saving you after matching the two?
  • Or how much is the GST tax going beyond your government?

Information about all things above you give to the government through Return Forms. After completion of the month of business, you go to work through different Return Forms in many parts. The same system works in the case of services. GSTR-1 is a monthly or quarterly return to be filed by regular dealers. Taxpayers have to declare all supplies via e-Commerce operators separately as per GST law.

The return is divided into 13 sections. It might look complex but eVanik OneWorld Suite GST Software makes the entire process of filing GSTR-1 for eCommerce seamless and easy.

Steps for filing GST return for E-commerce sellers
  1. Monthly Details of outward sales by seller in FORM GSTR-1 by the 10th of next month.
  2. The Monthly Details of purchase made by seller in FORM GSTR-2 by the 15th of next month.
  3. Monthly Filing of return along with the payment of amount of tax in FORM GSTR-3 by the 20th of next month.
  4. The Monthly Filing of GST return of E-commerce operator in FORM GSTR-8 by the 10th of next month.
  5. Annual Filing of Return in FORM GSTR-9 by 31st December of next financial year.