Core Team

Mayank Kumar

Founder & CEO

Mayank is the founder and Chief Executive Officer at eVanik Networks Private Limited. He has held Top level positions in large companies for 20 years before he started this venture

He has been instrumental in leading the company and building a team of like minded enterprising professionals

Harsh Ranjan Das

Co-Founder & CTO

Harsh is the brain behind the product.

More than being an experienced developer, Harsh's aptitude of understanding the problem and then applying technology to provide the best and simplest solution to the customer has made the product acceptable across thousands of customers.

Core Team1
Core Team2

Arpit Jain

Vice President Support

Arpit is as we call “Jack of all Trades" and also the “Master of all" here at eVanik Networks.

The most vital pillar of success of the company, he has been with eVanik since Day 1 and even today he calls eVanik as Day 1