Tally Prime Integration Software Benefits for eComm Sellers

Benefits of Tally Prime Integration Software for eCommerce Sellers

Whether eCommerce or any other business, accounting is an integral part of any business. One needs to handle this aspect appropriately and without fail. As a business owner, it is vital that you know about all the transactions and financial flow of your business. Mishandling the accounting part can make or break your business; excellent accounting management can help you have a robust business base. It will never let you lose a single penny and will add more profit to your online business. An impeccable accounting system secures your future and can even help you escape unusual situations in your hard times.

You must have a thorough record of your payments and transactions. Generally, most sellers extensively use Tally PRIME to manage the accounting part of their online business for bookkeeping and managing inventory and finances, invoicing, reporting, sales and purchase management, etc. The eCommerce business is considered one of the most complex businesses when it comes to accounting specifically. You need to keep track of and record your multiple transactions and payments. However, it is not an easy task to implement because it may invite a bunch of errors.

However, Tally PRIME integration software can resolve all these difficulties for you. You can save inventory, transactions, sales, and taxation data into your Tally database. It is a business management software widely used by many small and large businesses. You can get rid of so many complexities of eCommerce by integrating tally prime with advanced software. This blog has mentioned some of the exceptional benefits of Tally PRIME integration software for eCommerce businesses.

Use Cases while managing Accounting in Online Selling

In the eCommerce business, you may receive hundreds of orders from various marketplaces every day. While selling your products on major eCommerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra, you must follow the GST guidelines and file the GST returns on time. These marketplaces also report your sales to the GST authorities by depositing the TCS (Tax collected at source) on your behalf.

However, doing it manually can be time-consuming, and there may also be chances of errors. That is why you need automated software to integrate the eCommerce platforms’ transactions with Tally PRIME. Software like eVanik OWS provides seamless one-click integration of diversified eCommerce platform transactions with Tally PRIME. Here are some of the use cases in the process of accounting and bookkeeping:

  • In the process of sales and customer returns, it can be practically impossible for the sellers to insert numerous customer ledgers in the Tally. The marketplaces directly make the payments to every individual seller, and it can become a massive task for you to keep a manual record of bulk payments received against every order by the marketplaces.

  • The eCommerce platforms settle the net payment to the sellers after deducting various fees, charges and commissions. They provide a monthly commission invoice to the sellers that must be documented as an expenditure to avail of GST input credit. Apart from that, the commissions of marketplaces against every particular order need to get balanced out and matched.

  • Customer and courier returns need to be resolved against the original invoices. Doing it in a traditional way may involve the risk of several errors, which can impact the overall health of your business.

  • The sales and returns invoices must be accurately matched with the sales tax report and the MTR report provided by the eCommerce channels on your seller panels.

Exquisite Benefits of Tally PRIME Integration Software

Enhanced Accounting Operations

As an eCommerce seller handling the details of every online transaction and payment can become troublesome, especially when you are doing it manually, as it increases the chance of several errors. However, Tally PRIME integration software provides a techno hand to handle the accounting operations.

This advanced software provides you with an auto-generated report. Software like eVanik OWS helps in operating and analyzing financial statements and other tasks related to your online business; one is GST compliance. You don’t need to manually download and upload any excel sheet or CSV files from marketplace seller panels. All these data automatically get synced with this outstanding integration software.

Eliminate Errors and Saves Time

Nowadays, eCommerce business requires automation. Because manually doing the data transmission into a Tally increases the chances of human error. However, with eVanik OWS which is a Tally Prime integration software, you can eliminate manual errors and save a lot of time.

It can also eliminate the contrary data input. Data contradiction and manual errors can become a significant pain for you, and it’s better to eradicate them as soon as possible. The way to eliminate these annoying problems is to integrate your accounting software like Tally with this advanced software.

Effortless GST Return Filing

GST return filing is a vital part of any business; when it comes to online business, you must compile various invoices and tax reports to get a return amount from the government. Using tally prime can be a good option, but you can make it the best option by integrating it with advanced software.

This software can automatically compile all your invoices in one place and helps file the GST on time. Due to the mismanagement of invoices and tax reports, you can sometimes miss a suitable date to file the return. But with the help of integration software such as eVanik, you can file your GST return accurately and on time.

Hassle-Free Inventory Management

There is no need to explain that inventory management is essential to the eCommerce business. Most of the sellers use Tally Prime to manage their inventory as well. It stimulates the proper management of stocks, invoices, and product categories. However, they need to insert the data into the tally system manually. But with Tally PRIME integration software, you can get agile reports on inventories.

It will let you know how many products are left in a specific category and how many are sold out in this way. You can easily update your inventory and never miss a chance to delight your customer. Through this software, you can manage the inventory of various marketplaces in a single dashboard. You can maintain the stock inventory in a proper batch and can even monitor your products’ expiry dates. It ensures that none of your products get wasted.


Hence, this is how Tally PRIME integration software works for an eCommerce business. It is helpful not only in managing your accounts but your inventory as well. Both are an essential part of any online business, and you should not ignore them in any circumstances. So think twice before not considering the benefits of this software.

In the manner of saving a small amount of money, you get into a hefty financial loss. Believe it or not, currently, many sellers rely on this software and minimize the chance of loss and business failure. Subscribe with eVanik today, and acquire all the benefits mentioned above for your eCommerce business.

New Era of Shopping: Digital Mall & its’ Alluring Features

Digital Mall and its’ Alluring Features: New Era of Shopping is on the Way!

How frequently do you visit any physical mall? Maybe once or twice a month or even less, right? Well, this answer could be relevant to many of you because most of us do our shopping on weekends and it is impossible to go shopping every weekend due to any circumstances specially post pandemic. That is why most of us prefer to shop online. Every little thing, whether it is groceries, vegetables, medicines, clothes, beauty products, etc. we are all dependent on online marketplaces from the safety and convenience point.

Regarding the digitalization of the retail sector and the particular changes in customers’ demand, the Indian market is going ahead with expanding its shopping mall into digital omnichannel platforms. Customers can shop online for any significant product from their favorite shopping centers in the coming months. For example, if customers are prone to shop their apparel from a Lifestyle store, a digital mall provides them the liberty to buy their favorite products here by sitting in their comfort zone. Isn’t it amazing? In the coming days, they do not need to physically appear at any mall to do their physical shopping. In this particular blog, you can know more about digital malls and their exciting features.

What is a Digital Mall?

The name has it all, and the digital mall is a virtual version of a brick-and-mortar shopping mall. It will have its app and website with each product category that is available physically inside a mall. Customers can visit those websites and place their orders by making an online payment. The best part of Digital malls is that customers can get orders within a few hours. Online malls are designed in a format of online product search, which can help customers order the products through multiple channels. With the help of an app and the website of the store, customers can analyze whether the product they want is available or not. If the product is available, the consumer can place the order and pick it up from the mall itself in no time.

This entire process has become possible because of a direct data link between the mall and the inventory management of the stores. Through high-speed electronic technology, Digital malls can receive information about the available products in stock and then update their apps and websites accordingly. Sellers can move their business to this model and can generate revenue in the minimum period. While adopting this business model, sellers can take the help of some bulk order processing software such as eVanik OWS. It can help you with order processing in an automatic manner.

Some Alluring Features of a Digital Mall

In the digital industry, if a significant thing doesn’t contain any appealing features to attract customers, it can not survive. So if we are talking about the upcoming shopping era of Digital Mall, it must have some excellent features. Here in the following points, we are going to mention some of the quintessential features of Digital Mall.

Advantages of Video Shopping

We can say that digital malls will be the extended version of eCommerce platforms. Here customers will not only be able to view the images of the products, but they have the liberty of video shopping as well. They can sit back at home and purchase the products via video calling. Consumers can call the sales executives and check out the products on the live video and clarify their doubts if they have any. This feature is not only beneficial for customers but for sellers as well. They can now closely represent their products to their customers and elaborate on every little detail of the significant product.

Hyperlocal Fulfillment Facility

It is one of the best features of a Digital mall; unlike any other eCommerce platform, now customers do not have to wait a long time to deliver their orders. Digital malls offer same-day delivery right after a customer places their order. If a customer is staying within a radius of 10km from the mall, they can get their orders in a few hours only. Digital malls provide the shortest wait time to their valuable customers. As a digital mall seller, you need some trusted courier agents who can successfully pick up the products from you and then deliver them directly to the customers’ addresses.

Click and Collect

The digital mall allows placing an order through the app or website and then collecting it from the mall. Well, some stores like Shopper Stop, Lifestyle, Home Town, Home centers, etc. are already providing this service to their customers. But we can say that it is not popular among most the customers. Once the Digital mall is functional, customers can leverage this service. On the other hand, sellers can save a lot of money because of this service as they do not have to pay the courier partners.

Store Returns

Well, digital malls have specific features for their customers as well as for their sellers also. This may not be a good feature for customers, but it is definitely a tremendous one for sellers. Unlike a traditional eCommerce store, it can save you from investing your money on reverse logistics to pick up a returned item from customers’ doors. If a customer wants to return a product, they have to visit the store. There is no pickup facility for returned items. As a seller, you can instantly grab the returned item and showcase them again for the next sale.

Why it is a Great Business Model for Online Sellers

Analyzing Customers’ Behavior

As a seller, if you want to establish your store at a digital mall, then it is essential to analyze your customers’ shopping behavior. The digital mall provides insights that can be highly beneficial for your business. You can optimize your inventory and generate enough sales based on customers’ past shopping behavior. However, for this, you need to take the help of any inventory management software such eVanik OWS. it can help you in attaining real-time updates. You can ask the digital mall to provide you with the data of your customers.

Offer Loyalty Programs

You can preserve your customers for a longer time as a seller by implementing loyalty programs. You can offer to use the loyalty points to your customers for their next purchase. You can also introduce newsletters to inform the customers about your latest collections and offers. It can help them to get familiar with the latest trends.

Hassle-Free Payment Management

Payments have always been a critical part of any online business. But here at the digital mall business model, you do not need to worry about payments. You can accept payments through every possible method, whether it is debit or credit card, AMEX cards, UPI payments, wallets, and net banking as well. It can also benefit customers, as they have various payment options. If we are talking about the payments, we must also talk about the accounting part. To manage your finances, you can take the help of accounting software such as eVanik OWS.


Thus, digital malls can prove to be a new era of shopping. This business model is expanding rapidly outside India and will soon be on the rise in our country. In the current scenario,few malls and stores are working as digital malls as well. Every mall can offer this facility to their customers in the coming time. If you are planning to be a part of the digital mall, it can add a golden feather to your business. It has every possible facility that customers require these days. Thus, you can undoubtedly generate handsome revenue by adopting this model.

5 Ways to Grow Average Order Value of Your eComm Business!

5 Fantastic Ways to Grow the Average Order Value of Your eComm Business!

In the eCommerce business, what matters the most is the amount customers pay at the time of the final checkout process. It determines your average order value. Suppose you have fixed Rs100 for your product but when the customer is going to buy it, they pay only Rs 95 as they might have some coupon or other offers. In this scenario, your revenue will also get impacted. That is why increasing your average order value is essential if you want to grow your business without any hurdles. It is no secret anymore that increasing your average order value is a crucial metric to track for an eCommerce business.

But sellers usually try to hike their overall conversion rates by improving their product quality, delivery speed, and other aspects of online business. Generally, they don’t even consider AOV (Average order value). If you are one of them and have not realized the importance of AOV, you should understand that AOV is critical in raising your overall revenue. Once you learn the tactics to grow this essential part of your business, you won’t have to invest a heavy amount in marketing and paid advertising. This blog will teach you more about average order values and some impeccable ways to grow them efficiently.

What is the Average Order Value?

It is saddening if you are an eCommerce seller unaware of the term Average order value. However, here we are to help you understand it in a better way. The average order value (AOV) is the average amount the customers spend for each purchase. You can measure AOV by dividing the total revenue you generate by the total number of customers’ orders. In such a manner, you will be able to find out the average order value of each product. You must know that the average order value is the essential KPI for sellers as it provides an insight into the customers’ buying behavior, total spending on advertisements, and even product pricing.
Five Proven Ways to Improve Your Average Order Value

Now you must understand what is Aov(average order value) is, but you may not have the understanding to improve it. Here we present five fundamental ways to help you improve your average order value. So without further ado, let’s dig into the solutions.

Identify the Demand of Your Customers

When there is a demand, everything essentially becomes a necessity. For example, if your grocery is running out of stock and you visit a grocery store, you will find that you are coming out with several other items that were not even on your list. So it is an excellent opportunity to increase your average order value by understanding the demand and needs of your customers. As an online seller, you must consider the necessity of your customers.

Understand the need and then come up with an excellent product idea. Apart from that, you must ensure that your products can make a difference in your customer’s life. It will be best if you focus more on your customers’ needs. Once you can pinpoint their demand and need, you will better understand what product you should sell and what tactic you should apply to attract more customers. In the process of identifying the demand of your customers, you can take the help of inventory management software such as eVanik OWS.

Implement the Cross-Selling and Upselling Method

These two are the most terrific way to grow your average order value. First, let’s know about the cross-selling method; in this particular method, you need to add complementary products with the originally purchased product. Suppose a customer buys a camera, then you must add a mike or tripod with it. If the customer feels the requirement, they will buy all three together. Eventually, it will increase your average order value. However, in the upselling method, whenever a customer views any specific product, they can also view some other products lying beneath. It encourages them to buy an expensive product or more than one product at once.

Try to Sell the Products in Combo

To increase your AOV(Average order value), you should offer combo products to your customers. You can create several combos at the lesser value of their individual price. It is another way that can help hike up your AOV in an outstanding manner. Sell the combos of three to four products that customers find helpful for themselves and cost-effective as well. It will help if you offer a combo of products with an all-in-one solution for your customers. For example, you can make a combo of a gas stove, lighter and essential items related to this specific product. Customers can find it more convenient to get all the products in one place, as it also eliminates the need to do more searches and buy every product individually.

Run Limited Period Offer

Several prominent eCommerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, Ajio, and Myntra are using this brainy technology to increase their average order value. They allow the sellers to run a short advertisement period by labeling their products under “Limited Period Offer.” It is considered a practical approach to increasing AOV. You can use this tactic on those customers who have abandoned your cart just because they find the product much more expensive. As a seller, you can target those customers and send them an email by offering the same product at some specific discount. Apart from that, you can showcase several expensive products under the label of a limited period offer at a high discount rate. Believe it or not, this specific tactic can make your customers buy more products instead of just one.

Apply the Minimum Cart Value “Free Shipping” Tactic

It is another helpful tactic that one can use to maximize their overall AOV. Direct can use this tactic to consumer businesses. They can set a minimum cart value and offer their valuable customers free shipping or other attractive offers. For instance, If they sell the maximum products of 250rs, they can limit the cart value to 500rs. To save money on shipping, customers can buy more products instead of just one, and it can ultimately increase your average order value. Whether it is an online business or an offline business, customers around the world love to have different deals or offers.

Hence, these are a few fabulous ways to grow your average order value for your eCommerce business. Above mentioned ways can help you immensely with AOV and make your customers happier.


Monitoring and measuring the average order value regularly is crucial for any eCommerce seller. It can not only improve your overall revenue. Still, it can stimulate your business and marketing decision-making and offer a maximum return on every penny you spend on several advertisements and marketing campaigns. To upsurge your AOV, you must focus on customers already buying from you. You need to boost their requirements and make them purchase more products than those they have already added to the cart. To implement this process successfully, you need to help them discover new relevant products.

So instead of spending a lot on ads and other tactics, you should simply go for the ways mentioned above to increase your average order value and add a golden feather to your online business. If you cannot calculate your AOV or any other financial reports, you can take the help of eVanik OWS as accounting software. It integrates with your system and provides crucial information regarding your online business. You can also use this software for inventory management, payment, shipping, return reconciliation, and accounting.

Process and Practices for Payment Reconciliation!

Process and Practices for Payment Reconciliation!

In the past several years, numerous businesses have shifted to eCommerce marketplaces because of the drastic change in customers’ demands and preferences. The internet-savvy consumers prefer to shop for almost everything from an online store. Along with the inflation of online shopping, the necessity for payment reconciliation has also arisen for online sellers. Payment reconciliation is basically a technique of managing your bank transactions and matching them with your accounting system.

However, sellers can find several issues regarding the payment reconciliation, and they need to sort them out within the time. Especially for online businesses, payment reconciliation has become one of the challenging processes to resolve. Sellers must now have a straightforward and hassle-free reconciliation process to handle the flow of payments. Assembling thousands of transactions across multiple eCommerce channels can be stressful work. Moreover, errors regarding such a process can cost you in a negative manner. However, to resolve payments-related issues, you can get along with eVanik OWS; it works as an online payment reconciliation software for sellers.

Apart from that, you require some best practices to implement for this process. In this blog, we have mentioned the beneficial practices that sellers should follow for an astounding payment reconciliation process.

Process of Payment Reconciliation

There are four essential steps of payment reconciliation that we have mentioned below. These steps can help you to learn more about this process. Lets’ see what those major steps are.

Data Extraction

In the process of executing the payment reconciliation process, data extraction is the initial step that you need to apply. In this significant step, first of all, your bank statements and other transactions get extracted to compile them properly. You can get this data in the form of PDF or in a printout manner. Performing this step manually can be highly prone to human errors. That is why you may require to adopt online payment reconciliation software such as eVanik. It can integrate with your system and extract data from various marketplaces. You can view all the transactions in one single panel.


In this step, all the extracted data should get matched with each other. At this step, you need to match all the financial transactions carefully, and you can match these data by creating a traditional excel sheet if all are compiled relatively in a simple manner. However, matching it through a manual process can be a clumsy affair. So it is advisable to use any automated AI-based software to implement the matching process accurately and effectively.


Reconciling is the most important step of this whole process that is related to reconciling all the products’ prices you have sold. In this step, you need to reconcile all the internal and external payment records. As an online seller, you must check that these two are matching with each other or not. To make this step successful, you need to implement the above steps adequately and efficiently.


As the heading already indicates that it is the final step of this process. At this stage, you need to recheck all your financial flow and make sure there are no errors left. After that, you have to enter all the transactional pieces of information into your system. During this final process, it will be best if you take the help of an automated payment reconciliation software such as eVanik OWS.

Best Practices to Make this Process Efficient and Simple

Follow the Standard Process

Every eCommerce seller and brand does the payment reconciliation process weekly, monthly, and quarterly. If you want to experience enormous growth in your business, you should follow all the reconciliation steps such as data extraction, data matching, reconciliation, and finalization of data. You follow these standards to ensure accuracy and consistency and avoid several mistakes. It is essential to document all the procedures involved in the reconciliation process and develop templates you can readily follow. You should review it daily to eliminate gaps, and you must look forward to automating these procedures. Following these steps can help you streamline this process.

Implement Internal Control

To execute the eCommerce payment reconciliation process, you need to implement internal controls. It is vital to consolidate a series of internal checks that may recognize and disclose any possible errors, such as clerical errors. Internal controls can be implemented in the whole standardization Process depending on your online business type. These internal controls compensate for risk reduction, strong integrity, and the management of error fee transactional statements in a consistent manner.

Grasp the Payment Conversion

Payment methods have changed briskly in the past few years. Digitization brings multiple payment options and promotes the transformation in payment sections. While shopping from an eCommerce platform, customers prefer cashless payments these days, and to meet their demands, you have to grasp the various payment conversions. Rather than cash payment, Google pay, Paytm, and Phonepay have taken over the market. Now you can experience that you have numerous vendors to reconcile regularly.

Implicate eCommerce Reconciliation Software

Generally, errors arise in the Payment reconciliation process when you execute data analytics. You can spend your maximum effort extracting, selecting, and loading the data despite identifying the results and assuring error-free transactional statements. However, various software providers in the eCommerce industry can provide you with software related to payment reconciliation. This software provides sturdy solutions to eliminate errors related to this process quickly. This software involves some of the technological solutions that naturally extract and assemble the financial pieces of information from your ERP system, or it can precisely etch it from multiple eCommerce channels you are associated with and sell your items. Such software provides you with an auto-generated list of all your transactions in a monthly, quarterly, and annually format. Such software clarifies the mode of payment, product cost, and vendors’ commission.


Payment reconciliation is indeed a time taking process. However, the steps mentioned above and the process can efficiently aid the finance and accounting part in successfully implementing the work. A well-established reconciliation process can help you avoid paying reprehensible fees to eCommerce platforms, avoid overdrafts and monitor your financial cash flows.

Doing this process manually involves several errors that can drastically ruin your business. To resolve your payment-related issues, you must take the help of online payment reconciliation software like eVanik. It provides all the necessary transactional information in an automated manner. The automatic process saves time and money, eliminates every single transactional error, and provides a clearer view of your transactions.

A successful eCommerce business can not get established without a robust payment reconciliation system. In the end, you do any business to earn a decent revenue, but if you lack in this process, you can not get expected success. It will be best if you always sort matters related to finances at any cost.

Financial Management Tips for eCommerce Business!

Financial Management Tips for eCommerce Business!

The eCommerce industry is absolutely a compelling business that is attracting a lot of new entrepreneurs on a daily basis. This evolving industry has provided immense opportunities to make people self-reliant. But managing your online business is not as easy as you think. If you are the one who is looking for an eCommerce startup, one of the essential aspects of managing your online business is to have a robust financial management system. Establishing your online store requires several strategies and a focus on accurately setting up every aspect of your business.

Along with considering inventory and shipping as crucial aspects, you must know how to handle your finances. After all, you will sell products on any eCommerce platform to generate revenue. To make a smooth flow of revenue generation, you require the best accounting software for your eCommerce business. Dedicated accounting software such as eVanik OWS can help you immensely with managing your finances adequately.

It can become more requisite when you plan to sell your products PAN India. In such a scenario, you have to track the taxes of every state, and it can be time-consuming. In this blog, we have mentioned some financial management tips that will help you as an eCommerce entrepreneur.

  • Register Your Business Legally

The first step you should take before managing your finances is to register yourself as a seller on various eCommerce platforms legally. To become an authorized seller, it is necessary to legalize your business. It is also an essential step because potential customers and manufacturers can check the authenticity of your business. Additionally, most banks in India will not let you open a corporate bank account without accurate business registration documents. Moreover, without proper registration, you won't be able to sell your products on platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, etc.

  • Open a Business Bank Account

Once you have established your business, the next step you should take in managing your finances is to open a dedicated business account. You should get one before you start earning income or spending money on other business-related aspects. So it is essential to segregate all your business flows from your personal finances.

It can become much easier for you to accurately handle your finances and taxes. It is also a legal requirement to have a separate business account. However, an individual seller may not legally require a business account. It is still advisable to get one as it can put you on the right path to managing your transactions properly. It is imperative during the tax filing season.

Establish a Secure Payment System

In the process of establishing your online business, it is crucial to set up a secure payment system. It is essential to ensure a great shopping experience for your customers. Before stepping into the eCommerce business, you must set up a streamlined payment process. It can help you in diminishing the cart abandonment rate as well. According to research, most customers abandon the cart after analyzing the insecure payment method.

You need to ensure the customers that their personal details are secure with you. You must consider offering various payment options to your customers, such as credit card, debit card, UPI, cash on delivery, etc. Payment gateways such as CCAvenue, PayUBiz India, and Razorpay keep the payment processing secure.

  • Initiate Efficient Bookkeeping

    It doesn't matter how efficient and fast you are at doing the calculations manually for your eCommerce business. At last, we all are human and prone to making mistakes. To minimize the errors in keeping records of all your financial transactions, payment receipts, and other transactions, you need to maintain efficiency in bookkeeping. Efficient bookkeeping can help save you enough time when it comes to accounting. To execute this process effectively, you must consider integrated payment processing.

To maintain efficiency in bookkeeping, you can take the help of the best accounting software for eCommerce, such as eVanik OWS. It can help you screen several errors from the informational categories to maintain overall efficiency. To manage your finances in a proper manner, you need to maintain the cash flow and provide accurate bills to your customer.

Software like eVanik also helps to automate the invoicing as well. You can also send follow-up reminders, create recurring invoices, and accept digital payments directly from the invoices. It provides transparency that can let you make other decisions related to finances at any time and keeps you 100% GST compliant as with accurate records, filing GST on time becomes a cakewalk. In this way, you will have no requirement for consulting multiple accountants. It can even help you understand your customers' spending habits.

  • Integration with Various eCommerce Platforms

To grow as an eCommerce entrepreneur, you need to sell your products on various eCommerce platforms. It means your financial task will increase, and managing the finances of various marketplaces will not be easy to handle. At this point, you require software for eCommerce that can integrate easily with various platforms and manage your back-office operations.

Manual entry of transactions and other expenses can include significant errors that can be time-consuming as well. On the other hand, accounting software can smoothly integrate multiple channels and provide systematic financial pieces of information. If you enter the eCommerce industry as a seller, you must consider the importance of such software to manage your finances without any hustle.


So these are several tips that you must adopt as an eCommerce entrepreneur. To manage your business's financial flow, you must attain one robust accounting software. It can provide you quick overview of your income and other financial expenses. Eventually, it helps you with financial planning and fixes a budget for your eCommerce business. Accounting software facilitates you to analyze all your monetary data. In such a way, you will be able to streamline every aspect of eCommerce incredibly, such as inventory management and applying pricing strategies.

All these aspects can help you to stay competitive in the market. So, if you are willing to get along with accounting software to minimize the everyday stress, you must consider eVanik OWS. It can not only help you in managing the finances but also with the inventory, shipping, and returns. Apart from that, it has the remarkable features of tally prime integration, which you can use to file your GST smoothly. It also has the feature of Zoho book integration, Aligns books integration, and Quick books integration.

Enormous Ways to Choose the Best Oder Management Software!

Enormous Ways to Choose the Best Oder Management Software!

In the eCommerce industry order management system is essential for sellers to manage their orders expertly. One of the essential eCommerce business processes effectively helps in order fulfillment. It automates and streamlines the overall online order management process for you. Best order management software provides accurate inventory data in real-time and saves you from the horrific situation of Oos (Out of stock). OMS is vital to get a comprehensive database of your customers, including a detailed record of their returns and refunds.

The order management system productively keeps track of all your online orders and manages the inventory accordingly. Although if you are not using a compelling order management software, you may experience significant errors in the process of order fulfillment. Executing this process manually can lead you to the level of delivering disappointment to your valuable customers. Customers' expectations are pretty high, and they can't accept any errors from your end. To ensure that you select a robust order management software such as eVanik, never disappoint them in that terms. However, in this particular blog, we have mentioned some of the enormous ways to select an impeccable OMS for your eCommerce business.

Considerable Ways of Selecting a Tremendous OMS

In this fast-paced eCommerce business, online order management software is designed to abruptly fulfill orders among the various eCommerce channels you are selling your products. Your online business can not sustain itself without integrated order management software in this competitive industry. It is important for you to stop your customers from thinking that your service is slow, outdated, or not up to the mark as others are. To save yourself from getting into this situation, you need to add advanced order management software to your business. It will enhance your customers' experience and prove to be a cherry on the cake. There is numerous order management software available in the market, and it could be difficult for you to identify the right one for your business. However, here we are mentioning some considerable ways that can help you select the right OMS according to the nature and requirements of your business.

Smooth Integration with Internal System

It will help if you consider an essential aspect before choosing an order management software for your online business. It must have the integration feature and should integrate with your internal system. However, some OMS can significantly integrate with your accounting, inventory, and shipping management. Easy integration assures that OMS will work efficiently and seamlessly. It also eradicates the risk of human errors and business failure. That's why you must consider this feature before subscribing to any order management software. OMS like eVanik has a specific integration feature with your internal system so that you can go for it.

Effortless Inventory Management

Inventory management is a vital part of the eCommerce business. That's why you must look for such an order management system that should have the animated feature of managing your inventories. It should have the ability to manage the multi-channel inventory under one panel. Oms should work in such a way that you never get into a situation of out of stock. It must have the feature of automatically adjusting the inventory on multiple eCommerce platforms while you sell your products. An effective order management software can minimizes the risk of customer dissatisfaction by organizing your inventory correctly.

Sturdy Shipping Management

How much time your customer will receive your product depends on the impactful shipping management. It will help if you always look forward to constructing a robust shipping management system. As soon as your order volume increases, it will get frustrating for you to handle all the shipping requirements manually. That is why you need ultimate order management software that can help reconcile the shipping issues and accelerate the order fulfillment process skillfully.

Ability to Provide MultiChannel Management

The order management system you select should have the ability to integrate all your eCommerce channels into one user interface. That will provide you with a clear insight of data and the total number of orders and reduce mistakes by providing all the vital information you require in one accessible place based on real-time data. You should always consider an order management system that provides multi eCommerce channel management facilities. Monitoring the sales orders of various eComm platforms through one panel can make your life easier and also diminish the chances of errors. eCommerce order management software such as eVanik has the ability to provide multi-channel management in one single panel. It lets you smoothly handle the operations of the eCommerce business through one window.

Upswing the Scalability

Ever since the pandemic, this glorious industry has opened the door to opportunities for sellers. However, It is not always possible to keep upgrading to the latest version of order management software. Thus, while selecting an OMS for your eCommerce business, you must consider the long-term requirements. It will help if you go with such order management software that can upswing your order volumes with time. So, an advanced order management system can help your online business get flexibility and scalability.

Return Reconciliation

Since returns and refunds have become an integral part of the online business, you must consider an order management software that contains the feature of return reconciliation. If your business faces return every day, it can be difficult for you to keep track of those returned orders and update your inventory according to that. Advanced OMS software such as eVanik provides the uttermost feature of return reconciliation.

Apart from these enormous ways, the first thing you need to do while selecting an order management software is to identify the requirements of your online business. Once you figure out which aspects of the eCommerce process your business is lacking, you can start looking for the solutions. In this manner, you will be able you select the best order management for your online business.


Thus, many software is available in the market for eCommerce order management. But you need to select the best one for your eCommerce business; the right order management system for you could be the one that eliminates almost every manual process and saves your precious time. First of all, you should determine which part of your business you need to automate and invest in software that can effectively fulfill your requirements. Remember that order management software is the uttermost need of today's eCommerce industry. To provide your customers with the fastest, error-free, and customized order fulfillment experience, you must have one impeccable OMS. In this manner, eCommerce order management software such as eVanik can provide you with the ultimate services and help your business snowball.

Why Do You Require Accounting Software for eCommerce Business!

Why Do You Require Accounting Software for eCommerce Business!

While dealing in the eCommerce industry, you need to take care of your finances and manage your accounts successfully. Always keep in mind that you end up selling products online to earn some profits, and to keep that profit on track, you need effective accounting software for your eCommerce business. Keeping up on the books can be time-consuming and exhausting without dedicated eComm accounting software. If you are selling your products all over India, you have to track the taxes for every state, and it can be a full-time job by itself.

Mistakes and errors in accounting and taxes can negatively affect your business. If you think you can earn profits after skipping this step, let me tell you that you’re living in denial. There is no shortcut to generating revenue by skipping the accounting process. You have to go through this if you associate with any online or offline business. To maintain the perfect accuracy in accounts, you need to speed up your business’s accounting system. In this particular blog, we have mentioned the requirement of accounting software for an eCommerce business.

Significance of Accounting Software for eCommerce Business

The traditional way of doing the accounting part increases the chance of significant errors. That is why you need to take the help of integrated accounting software, as it is the only solution to all the manual accounting and financial issues of an eCommerce business. This industry is emerging rapidly. That’s why you need to be as quick and accurate as possible. Accounting software such as eVanik OWS takes over all the responsibilities right from reconciling payments and tally integration. Apart from that, it also provides the solution for inventory management, omnichannel order processing, and so on.

The Clarity in Financial Report

To have clarity on finances and visualize the bookkeeping, you need to have a chart or graphs. Accounting software for eCommerce businesses provides you the clarity to understand your business’s financial statements in real time. With a single click, you can get insights about all the individual orders and other expenses. This type of accounting clarity lets you consider your finances at any second rather than consulting with multiple accountants or waiting until the end of the month. It can help you learn essential information about your customers’ spending habits.

Hassle-Free Integration

Most eCommerce sellers use tally to manage their accounting part. Accounting software such as eVanik easily gets integrated with your tally prime and makes managing your accounts much more effortless. It provides you with a matching tool where you can match your sales tax report with the data integrated into tally prime. While using the accounting software, it won’t require you to install any third-party module in your tally prime because it is already integrated with tally prime through API. Apart from that, it minimizes the requirement of downloading or uploading any excel CSV (comma-separated values) files from various eCommerce marketplace seller panels.

Accuracy in Bookkeeping

It doesn’t matter how good you or your team are at doing the maths manually in the eCommerce business. We are human, and humans are prone to error compared to computers. You have to understand that integrated payment processing is more accurate in any individual transaction. To maintain accuracy in bookkeeping, you need to take advantage of any accounting software. It can also screen the errors across informational categories to maintain overall accuracy. To maintain the cash flow and grow your business, you must provide accurate bills to your customer on time. The best accounting software lets you automate the invoicing as well. You can also send follow-up reminders, create recurring invoices, and accept digital payments directly from the invoices.

Integration with eCommerce Platforms

If you sell products on various eCommerce platforms, you require accounting software for eCommerce businesses that integrates easily with multiple eCommerce channels. Entering every transaction and other expenses manually includes significant errors, which is time-consuming. However, the software integrates smoothly with various eCommerce channels to provide accurate financial information and data. The software that integrates with your banking system is something that all businesses find convenient for themselves. If you are dealing in the eCommerce business and selling products on various platforms, compelling accounting software with an integration feature is something crucial you should look for.

Three Tremendous Types of Accounting Software

Cloud-Based Accounting Software

This type of software totally relies on the cloud to keep all of your financial data in one place and provide you access to operate it from your computer and smartphones as well. Undoubtedly, it is convenient to access, but on the other hand, it does open up your data to potential hacking on the cloud. So, while choosing such software, you will have to check out the security they provide.

Cloud and Desktop-Based Software

This kind of software allows you to keep some information on the cloud and other essential information on your desktop. It can be much beneficial when you want to have some reports accessible online, but you don’t automatically want all of your business’s financial data on the cloud.

Desktop-Based Software

Desktop-based accounting software keeps all of your data rigidly on the desktop. Until or unless you export it and share it in some other way, you will not be able to access it on any available cloud networks. If you don’t want to take any risks while having your information hacked on a cloud, it will be an efficient and secure choice.


If you want to manage your online business’s finance efficiently, you must use accounting software for an eCommerce business. It will provide you with an instant overview of your profits and expenses, which ultimately helps you plan and fix a budget for your business. Besides this, accounting software allows you to analyze your financial data. This can make you streamline the whole eCommerce process, manage the inventory and develop intelligent pricing strategies. All of it can help you to stay competitive in the market. So, if you are convinced that you should use accounting software for your online business, why not consider the eVanik OWS. It provides you with all the essential services required for your online business. It provides you with the excellent feature of tally prime integration, Zoho books integration, Aligns books integration, and Quick books integration. Apart from accounting, it helps manage the inventory and provides the payment, shipping, and returns reconciliation benefits.