New Era of Shopping: Digital Mall & its’ Alluring Features

Digital Mall and its’ Alluring Features: New Era of Shopping is on the Way!

How frequently do you visit any physical mall? Maybe once or twice a month or even less, right? Well, this answer could be relevant to many of you because most of us do our shopping on weekends and it is impossible to go shopping every weekend due to any circumstances specially post pandemic. That is why most of us prefer to shop online. Every little thing, whether it is groceries, vegetables, medicines, clothes, beauty products, etc. we are all dependent on online marketplaces from the safety and convenience point.

Regarding the digitalization of the retail sector and the particular changes in customers’ demand, the Indian market is going ahead with expanding its shopping mall into digital omnichannel platforms. Customers can shop online for any significant product from their favorite shopping centers in the coming months. For example, if customers are prone to shop their apparel from a Lifestyle store, a digital mall provides them the liberty to buy their favorite products here by sitting in their comfort zone. Isn’t it amazing? In the coming days, they do not need to physically appear at any mall to do their physical shopping. In this particular blog, you can know more about digital malls and their exciting features.

What is a Digital Mall?

The name has it all, and the digital mall is a virtual version of a brick-and-mortar shopping mall. It will have its app and website with each product category that is available physically inside a mall. Customers can visit those websites and place their orders by making an online payment. The best part of Digital malls is that customers can get orders within a few hours. Online malls are designed in a format of online product search, which can help customers order the products through multiple channels. With the help of an app and the website of the store, customers can analyze whether the product they want is available or not. If the product is available, the consumer can place the order and pick it up from the mall itself in no time.

This entire process has become possible because of a direct data link between the mall and the inventory management of the stores. Through high-speed electronic technology, Digital malls can receive information about the available products in stock and then update their apps and websites accordingly. Sellers can move their business to this model and can generate revenue in the minimum period. While adopting this business model, sellers can take the help of some bulk order processing software such as eVanik OWS. It can help you with order processing in an automatic manner.

Some Alluring Features of a Digital Mall

In the digital industry, if a significant thing doesn’t contain any appealing features to attract customers, it can not survive. So if we are talking about the upcoming shopping era of Digital Mall, it must have some excellent features. Here in the following points, we are going to mention some of the quintessential features of Digital Mall.

Advantages of Video Shopping

We can say that digital malls will be the extended version of eCommerce platforms. Here customers will not only be able to view the images of the products, but they have the liberty of video shopping as well. They can sit back at home and purchase the products via video calling. Consumers can call the sales executives and check out the products on the live video and clarify their doubts if they have any. This feature is not only beneficial for customers but for sellers as well. They can now closely represent their products to their customers and elaborate on every little detail of the significant product.

Hyperlocal Fulfillment Facility

It is one of the best features of a Digital mall; unlike any other eCommerce platform, now customers do not have to wait a long time to deliver their orders. Digital malls offer same-day delivery right after a customer places their order. If a customer is staying within a radius of 10km from the mall, they can get their orders in a few hours only. Digital malls provide the shortest wait time to their valuable customers. As a digital mall seller, you need some trusted courier agents who can successfully pick up the products from you and then deliver them directly to the customers’ addresses.

Click and Collect

The digital mall allows placing an order through the app or website and then collecting it from the mall. Well, some stores like Shopper Stop, Lifestyle, Home Town, Home centers, etc. are already providing this service to their customers. But we can say that it is not popular among most the customers. Once the Digital mall is functional, customers can leverage this service. On the other hand, sellers can save a lot of money because of this service as they do not have to pay the courier partners.

Store Returns

Well, digital malls have specific features for their customers as well as for their sellers also. This may not be a good feature for customers, but it is definitely a tremendous one for sellers. Unlike a traditional eCommerce store, it can save you from investing your money on reverse logistics to pick up a returned item from customers’ doors. If a customer wants to return a product, they have to visit the store. There is no pickup facility for returned items. As a seller, you can instantly grab the returned item and showcase them again for the next sale.

Why it is a Great Business Model for Online Sellers

Analyzing Customers’ Behavior

As a seller, if you want to establish your store at a digital mall, then it is essential to analyze your customers’ shopping behavior. The digital mall provides insights that can be highly beneficial for your business. You can optimize your inventory and generate enough sales based on customers’ past shopping behavior. However, for this, you need to take the help of any inventory management software such eVanik OWS. it can help you in attaining real-time updates. You can ask the digital mall to provide you with the data of your customers.

Offer Loyalty Programs

You can preserve your customers for a longer time as a seller by implementing loyalty programs. You can offer to use the loyalty points to your customers for their next purchase. You can also introduce newsletters to inform the customers about your latest collections and offers. It can help them to get familiar with the latest trends.

Hassle-Free Payment Management

Payments have always been a critical part of any online business. But here at the digital mall business model, you do not need to worry about payments. You can accept payments through every possible method, whether it is debit or credit card, AMEX cards, UPI payments, wallets, and net banking as well. It can also benefit customers, as they have various payment options. If we are talking about the payments, we must also talk about the accounting part. To manage your finances, you can take the help of accounting software such as eVanik OWS.


Thus, digital malls can prove to be a new era of shopping. This business model is expanding rapidly outside India and will soon be on the rise in our country. In the current scenario,few malls and stores are working as digital malls as well. Every mall can offer this facility to their customers in the coming time. If you are planning to be a part of the digital mall, it can add a golden feather to your business. It has every possible facility that customers require these days. Thus, you can undoubtedly generate handsome revenue by adopting this model.