Upgrade Your Tata Cliq Seller Account to Gain Popularity!

Upgrade Your Tata Cliq Seller Account to Gain Popularity!

Tata Cliq is a top trending eCommerce venture in India. This platform has all the prominent and significant brands that provide immense opportunities for sellers to sell top-notch products per their customers’ latest demands. After completing the registration process, you can effectively be able to log into your Tata Cliq login seller account. You can view your orders, track your sales history, and manage your inventory on this page.

Tata Cliq is a new but one of the reputed eCommerce platforms in the entire industry that carries the legacy of the enormous Tata Group established by Ratan Tata. In a short time, this platform has reached millions of Indian customers. This platform is widely known for its quality products which is why they pay special attention while allowing any seller to sell their products through this marketplace. To acquire immense popularity and revenue from this marketplace, you must upgrade several essential pieces of information in your Tata Cliq seller account.

Add on These Information to Tata Cliq Seller Account

Provide Your Personal Information

An association with Tata Cliq is a great way to represent your products to a considerable number of potential customers. You must provide your personal details in your seller central account; it provides an identity to your brand and helps customers to locate your specific products on this platform. It is indeed an incredible way to keep in touch with your customers. You must include your full name, brand name, product list, product prices, inventory details, etc. These details can be ultimately helpful to you in many ways.

Add Essential Information Regarding Product

Tata Cliq has more than a million registered customers, so it is evident that as a seller, your products will get more exposure if you provide all the essential information regarding your product. These product details are crucial because they can provide them with a much clearer picture of every aspect of your product. First of all, you must add a product display name, product description, and product images and then accordingly add the category and subcategories in which your products are listed.

Include Appropriate Information in Product Listings

While creating product listings in your Tata Cliq seller portal, providing all the appropriate information regarding your products is genuinely required. It can help your customers to buy the desired products without any doubt. In lack of information, customers get confused about the product, and it can drastically affect their shopping decision as well. You must add the right weight, size, color, material type, flavor, and dimension according to the nature of your product. Such pieces of information are imperative to add in terms of product visibility and eventually impacting your sales.

Must Add Shopping Policies for Customers

You must provide clarity to your customers regarding the shopping policies. Just for your knowledge, we want to inform you that Tata Cliq does not charge any delivery fees for orders above Rs. 500, and orders with the minimum order purchase requirement are just rs. 50. Apart from that, all products have a 30-day return policy, and you can charge a restocking fee for returns beyond 30 days from the actual purchase date. Hence you must add up all the informational pieces to your Tata Cliq seller login portal.

Always Keep an Eye on Your Seller Dashboard

This platform provides a seller dashboard in your seller central account. Here you can view all the essential information required to optimize your listing and attract more customers to your product page. In your seller dashboard, you can find detailed insights into how many clicks your products are getting and which of your products is a bestseller. With the help of such vital information, you can quickly make any crucial decisions about marketing and selling your products abruptly.

Check Order History to Track Sales

Selling your products blindly without tracking your sales is a bad practice that can affect your overall sales. That is why it is essential to calculate your sales in a timely manner. In order to track your sales, you can use the order history feature on your customer account page in your seller account of Tata Cliq. Here you can view all the orders placed by all the customers and the amount that they pay for their orders. This data can help you understand how frequently your customers purchase your products. This practice can let you evaluate your overall sales performance and profit ultimately.

Review Shipping Information to Calculate Logistic Price

In terms of selling your products on this platform, you must consider the shipping time and the total cost of your products. However, the shipping time depends on the product and the logistic service provider. Apart from that, the shipping cost will be based on the weight of your product, shipping location, and shipping method. You can get all this vital information from your seller’s central account.

Review Analytics for Sale Performance

Reviewing the analytics to obtain information regarding your sales performance is crucial. It is a process to attain essential data regarding your customer’s interaction with your online business, including their buying and other activities on the platform. You can use this data to improve your sales performance and understand your customers’ shopping behavior. These analytics show how much time a customer spends on your product page and how often they visit your product page. With the help of such impeccable information, you can offer the desired products to your customers and generate decent revenue simultaneously.


Becoming a Tata Cliq seller can add golden wings to your eCommerce journey. It is one of the safest and most convenient eCommerce platforms to sell your products. This platform offers the easiest way to list your products and makes it super easy for customers to buy them. Transactional ins and out are pretty secure from sellers’ as well as from customers’ perspectives too. You can also get incredible marketing tools in your Tata Cliq Seller dashboard. It can help you in managing your listings and campaigns.

There are four significant tools; promotions campaign management, advertising campaign management, shipping management, and customer service management. You can use these tools to make your operations smooth and hassle-free. However, if you are new to this business and experiencing difficulties in managing your accounts and financial aspects, you can take advantage of eVanik OWS. It works as automated accounting software that helps in managing your financial flows. You can easily integrate it with your ERP system and adequately analyze all your incoming and outgoing financial transactions. Apart from that, this peculiar software also helps with inventory, payment, shipping, and return reconciliation.

Work Of Inventory Management Software For eComm Business!

How Does Inventory Management Software Works for an eCommerce Business?

A healthy association with any eCommerce platform requires keeping an eye on your inventory in the very first place. Believe it or not, fragile eCommerce inventory management software can affect your online business enormously. Being an online seller, it will be helpful if you realize the importance of inventory management software on time before landing into a significant loss.

That is why online sellers must have comprehensive inventory management knowledge. This management is necessary to fulfill customer orders, manage the warehouse, and initiate on-time shipping. It can also be beneficial in terms of restricting product wastage. This tremendous software can help you manage your inventory, thus encouraging business efficiency. One of the elementary purposes of using this software is to meet customers’ demands without creating an overstock or excessive inventory. To establish a profitable, scalable, and sustainable online business, you must understand every aspect of managing inventory. In this blog, we have the workflow of inventory management software and the significant challenges you can experience while managing inventory.

Workflow of an Inventory Management Software

As you know, inventory is the product or materials that an online business intends to sell to customers for profit. It is a crucial element of the entire supply chain that enables tracking inventory from manufacturers to warehouses. The conclusive goal of inventory management is to have the right products at the right place and time. Here in the following points, we have mentioned the inventory management workflow.

Acquiring Inventory: The first step is buying products from third-party vendors, manufacturers, or wholesalers and delivering them directly to the warehouse or the storehouse.

A Stockpile of Inventory: Inventory should be stored until needed. Products and materials are transferred across your fulfillment center until it is ready for shipping.

Provides Accurate Inventory Report: An accurate inventory report can never let you experience a stock-out situation that can make your customers unhappy and disappointed with your services.

Inventory management can be an essential asset of your eCommerce business. Where overstocking of products can impact the financial aspect of your business, down stocks can drastically make your customers unhappy. To manage all these ins and outs, you require inventory management software, especially if you are dealing on a larger scale.

Significant Challenges in the Absence of Inventory Management Software

Overstocking & Downstock

In the eCommerce business, if you do not have strong control over your inventory and knowledge about your customer’s shopping habits, you may easily fall into a situation where you either can not supply demand, or you may have overestimated the total amount of inventory you require at the time to fulfill the demands. However, it can be advantageous to have an extensive inventory on hand but on the other hand, it can become of no use if you have outdated products in storage. It increases the chance of having too much dead stock on hand. Deadstock refers to such products that you can not sell because you have too much inventory and not enough demand. It happens when market trends and customers’ shopping behavior shift. On the flip side, down stocks or less stock immediately affects your market reputation, and you may lose the trust of your customers.

Lack of Visibility Across Multiple Channels

Lack of visibility is another challenge you may face as the demand increases and managing inventory across various eCommerce platforms becomes more complex. As you expand your business, you will likely decide to sell your products across multiple platforms, such as Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc. However, keeping track of sales and orders from each platform can become challenging unless you use eCommerce inventory management software which will help you to manage your inventory through its centralized function.

Lack of Inventory Data Insight

It is another common challenge that sellers mostly face related to inventory management is the lack of inventory data insights. In order to scale up your business, you need to consider the power of inventory data. To boost your revenue and fulfill your customers’ requirements, you need to understand how your inventory fluctuates over time, how demand changes, forecast future requirements when to re-order products, etc. To implement all these steps, you require inventory data insight.

What Does Inventory Management Software Do?

Ensure Order Fulfillment

Meeting the deadline for product delivery is one of the crucial aspects of any eCommerce business. In any situation, if you cannot fulfill your customers’ demands, the result can be disastrous, as you can lose your valuable customers. An inventory management software synchronizes any order with your inventory to ensure order fulfillment. It provides you with clear visibility of available and non-available products. In this way, it can become hassle-free to fulfill your customers’ orders on time.

Restrict Overstocking & Downstock

With the help of the remarkable feature of providing accurate inventory reports, you can easily find out what amount of inventory you need to stock up. It automatically eliminates overstocking and down stocks. As a positive result, you will be able to save a lot of money to spend on improving the other aspects of your business. Overstocking can put you in the situation of facing the situation of dead stocks as well. On the other hand, down-stocks can prominently make you lose your valuable customers.

Forecast Demands

In the competitive world of eCommerce, it has become quite essential to forecast the demands of your customers. Demand forecasting can help you with selling your products during the peak season. As you know, festivals are busy days, and sales are always supposed to increase during this time. So it’s better to pull off your socks before the game begins and keep yourself in a safe position. Demand forecasting is essential in terms of enhancing your business decision about production, managing inventory, and marketing plans. It can also be helpful for profit margins, future capacity planning, cash flow, and capital expenditure.

Enhance Visibility

Tracking and locating a specific inventory is indeed a challenging task to perform. Inventory software such as eVanik OWS provides you with accurate inventory reports. Thus it can become effortless for you to keep track of each and every inventory in real-time. You will be able to analyze the status of all your listed products across multiple channels and can refill your stock as soon as products are likely to get out of stock.

Centralized Inventory Management

A robust inventory management software like eVanik OWS provides the astonishing features of centralized inventory management. It eliminates the requirement of managing the separate inventory for each eCommerce platform. This software integrates with your ERP system, connects with all the marketplaces you have associated with, and makes your inventories visible in one dashboard.


In terms of upscaling your online business, it is essential to manage your inventory compellingly. Not prioritizing this aspect can put you in a difficult situation where you will not lose your customers but money as well. Software like eVanik OWS can even help you with inventory reconciliation as well. It can help in reconciling the damage & returns, claims & disputes as well. Hence, now you must understand the importance of this considerable software and its benefits.

What is SKU ID in Flipkart and How to Create an Effective one?

What is SKU ID in Flipkart and How to Create an Effective one?

The eCommerce industry carries numerous essential factors that are essential to attain immense success.Being a seller, you can’t afford to ignore any of them. It doesn’t matter whether you sell your products on Flipkart or any other marketplaces; some processes will remain the same. You must be aware of how vital inventory is for your business, and to identify them specifically, you need to add SKUs (Stock Keeping Units). Most sellers know that SKUs help track products from manufacturers to customers, but not everyone knows how they work behind the arena and why they are necessary for your business.

In the eCommerce industry, whether you are a regular seller or a veteran brand-new business owner, it doesn’t matter whether you have a vast inventory or limited stock; SKU IDs are a must to have. Through this particular blog, you will get to know what SKU ID is in Flipkart and how you can create it effectively.

What is the meaning of SKU ID

SKU ID or SKU code refers to a stock-keeping unit. It is a unique identifier for products you sell on marketplaces to record their stock quantity. As a seller, you may want to know the exact quantity and availability of products of various sizes, colors, patterns, etc. All of these will have a different assigned SKU id for each quantity in the warehouse or wherever you stock up your products. It can be profitable to keep track of your inventory. SKU is a unique product offered for sale that epitomizes all the essence connected with the product that differentiates it from any other product.

This essence may include brand, size, color, manufacturer, and warranty, but it can not be limited. However, an SKU ID holds all essential information about a product and gives it unique prominence in your inventory. In this way, it can become easier to recall or track any significant product. Typically an SKU ID is a group of eight alphanumeric digits. Implementing an SKU id to track your inventory and skip the malefic situation of Oos (Out of Stock) is crucial.

How to Create a Good SKU ID for Flipkart?

In the implementation process of SKU, the most crucial factor is to make it unique for each product variant in your inventory. Here we are going to identify some of the best practices to make your SKU id different from each other.

Always Make Your Own Product SKU ID

Most Flipkart sellers affix the manufacturers or third-party IDs within their product SKU ID. Some of you may think it’s a great idea but let me tell you that it’s a bad practice for your online business. It can create a hassle in case you change your manufacturer or vendors. Thus it is always better to generate your own individual SKU ids for all your products.

Include Essential Information

Although you can not add brief information to a stock-keeping unit id, there is room for adding some specific information. For example, if you are selling shirts from chick brands in various sizes and colors, you can create one in this form; CHI-SHI-RED-SMA. Such codes help identify the products better; this code says small-size red color chick shirts.

Apply the Cascade Method

Applying a unique SKU ID cascade method can prove really helpful to you. For example, if you are going to sell electronic products such as laptops, mobile phones, or any other device. First, you must create a cascade chart, and you need to start by taking the basic information about your products. In the case of electronic devices, you can add E (for electronic), M (for mobile), and later on, add the model number and other information to identify the product. You can keep adding various attributes until you find a relevant id according to your product.

Add Specific Fonts & Characters

Never get confused while adding specific characters, and be aware of using similar characters for each product. The font and characters you use in your stock-keeping unit code play an important role. It is recommendable to use more transparent and bold fonts. Please avoid using the symbols as they can get auto-formatted in the excel sheet and put you in a confusing situation.

Essential Tips to Add Unique SKU

  • Always try to keep it between 8-12 specific characters.

  • Start the SKU ID with a letter for identification; it can be the name of the brand or product.

  • Avoid using zero or any other special characters within your stock-keeping unit code.

  • Always go for a unique and easy-to-understand format.

How can SKUs Help Your Business to Grow

Provides Accuracy in Tracking Inventory

SKUs allow you to keep unique identification ids for every product and make it easier to find any specific product in your inventory. You can easily find their availability and exact quantity based on SKU IDs and save yourself from the stockout situation. It can let you decide when is the right time to order new products from manufacturers. However, to skip the situation of overstock or down stock, you can use any inventory management software such as eVanik OWS. Always keep in mind that accuracy always brings productivity.

Implements Demand & Sales Prognosis

Once you are able to get accurate inventory numbers, you will automatically be able to find out the accuracy of sales and demand prognosis. It can let you determine the number of products you should have for further sale. You can also develop an idea of how prior you should order products. It can let you understand your cash flows during the seasonal sale. SKU data also highlights your low-selling products, and you can immediately stop investing in them or eliminate them from your listing.

Increase Customers’ Satisfaction and Loyalty

While SKU IDs can be used to forecast reorder points, they can also help your customers to find the right product they require. It also diminishes stockout situations, increases your brand loyalty among customers, and provides a remarkable shopping experience. Usually, whenever a product gets out of stock, your customer may get disappointed and buy the identical product from your competitors. It can be harmful to you in terms of keeping loyal customers.


Thus, these unique codes are an essential part of any eCommerce business. It is not only crucial for Flipkart sellers to sell products on any other eCommerce platform. SKU ids work as primary identifiers, and keeping your inventory synced with all the eCommerce platforms is essential. However, in this manner, you can also use inventory management software that can automate this entire process and keep track of all your SKUs. It eliminates the requirement of keeping the SKU codes in an excel sheet and provides a dashboard where you can quickly analyze your inventories across multiple channels.