What is SKU ID in Flipkart and How to Create an Effective one?

The eCommerce industry carries numerous essential factors that are essential to attain immense success.Being a seller, you can’t afford to ignore any of them. It doesn’t matter whether you sell your products on Flipkart or any other marketplaces; some processes will remain the same. You must be aware of how vital inventory is for your business, and to identify them specifically, you need to add SKUs (Stock Keeping Units). Most sellers know that SKUs help track products from manufacturers to customers, but not everyone knows how they work behind the arena and why they are necessary for your business.

In the eCommerce industry, whether you are a regular seller or a veteran brand-new business owner, it doesn’t matter whether you have a vast inventory or limited stock; SKU IDs are a must to have. Through this particular blog, you will get to know what SKU ID is in Flipkart and how you can create it effectively.

What is the meaning of SKU ID

SKU ID or SKU code refers to a stock-keeping unit. It is a unique identifier for products you sell on marketplaces to record their stock quantity. As a seller, you may want to know the exact quantity and availability of products of various sizes, colors, patterns, etc. All of these will have a different assigned SKU id for each quantity in the warehouse or wherever you stock up your products. It can be profitable to keep track of your inventory. SKU is a unique product offered for sale that epitomizes all the essence connected with the product that differentiates it from any other product.

This essence may include brand, size, color, manufacturer, and warranty, but it can not be limited. However, an SKU ID holds all essential information about a product and gives it unique prominence in your inventory. In this way, it can become easier to recall or track any significant product. Typically an SKU ID is a group of eight alphanumeric digits. Implementing an SKU id to track your inventory and skip the malefic situation of Oos (Out of Stock) is crucial.

How to Create a Good SKU ID for Flipkart?

In the implementation process of SKU, the most crucial factor is to make it unique for each product variant in your inventory. Here we are going to identify some of the best practices to make your SKU id different from each other.

Always Make Your Own Product SKU ID

Most Flipkart sellers affix the manufacturers or third-party IDs within their product SKU ID. Some of you may think it’s a great idea but let me tell you that it’s a bad practice for your online business. It can create a hassle in case you change your manufacturer or vendors. Thus it is always better to generate your own individual SKU ids for all your products.

Include Essential Information

Although you can not add brief information to a stock-keeping unit id, there is room for adding some specific information. For example, if you are selling shirts from chick brands in various sizes and colors, you can create one in this form; CHI-SHI-RED-SMA. Such codes help identify the products better; this code says small-size red color chick shirts.

Apply the Cascade Method

Applying a unique SKU ID cascade method can prove really helpful to you. For example, if you are going to sell electronic products such as laptops, mobile phones, or any other device. First, you must create a cascade chart, and you need to start by taking the basic information about your products. In the case of electronic devices, you can add E (for electronic), M (for mobile), and later on, add the model number and other information to identify the product. You can keep adding various attributes until you find a relevant id according to your product.

Add Specific Fonts & Characters

Never get confused while adding specific characters, and be aware of using similar characters for each product. The font and characters you use in your stock-keeping unit code play an important role. It is recommendable to use more transparent and bold fonts. Please avoid using the symbols as they can get auto-formatted in the excel sheet and put you in a confusing situation.

Essential Tips to Add Unique SKU

  • Always try to keep it between 8-12 specific characters.

  • Start the SKU ID with a letter for identification; it can be the name of the brand or product.

  • Avoid using zero or any other special characters within your stock-keeping unit code.

  • Always go for a unique and easy-to-understand format.

How can SKUs Help Your Business to Grow

Provides Accuracy in Tracking Inventory

SKUs allow you to keep unique identification ids for every product and make it easier to find any specific product in your inventory. You can easily find their availability and exact quantity based on SKU IDs and save yourself from the stockout situation. It can let you decide when is the right time to order new products from manufacturers. However, to skip the situation of overstock or down stock, you can use any inventory management software such as eVanik OWS. Always keep in mind that accuracy always brings productivity.

Implements Demand & Sales Prognosis

Once you are able to get accurate inventory numbers, you will automatically be able to find out the accuracy of sales and demand prognosis. It can let you determine the number of products you should have for further sale. You can also develop an idea of how prior you should order products. It can let you understand your cash flows during the seasonal sale. SKU data also highlights your low-selling products, and you can immediately stop investing in them or eliminate them from your listing.

Increase Customers’ Satisfaction and Loyalty

While SKU IDs can be used to forecast reorder points, they can also help your customers to find the right product they require. It also diminishes stockout situations, increases your brand loyalty among customers, and provides a remarkable shopping experience. Usually, whenever a product gets out of stock, your customer may get disappointed and buy the identical product from your competitors. It can be harmful to you in terms of keeping loyal customers.


Thus, these unique codes are an essential part of any eCommerce business. It is not only crucial for Flipkart sellers to sell products on any other eCommerce platform. SKU ids work as primary identifiers, and keeping your inventory synced with all the eCommerce platforms is essential. However, in this manner, you can also use inventory management software that can automate this entire process and keep track of all your SKUs. It eliminates the requirement of keeping the SKU codes in an excel sheet and provides a dashboard where you can quickly analyze your inventories across multiple channels.

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