Why There is a Tremendous Need for Warehousing in 2021


Warehousing refers to the process of calculating the inventory available as per the demand and supply rate to ensure the fulfillment of each order received in e-commerce. In the past few years, eCommerce sellers have adopted many automated systems to grow their business. But in this year, there is a huge demand for warehouse management seen among the sellers. This importance has been raised because of the fast-growing competition in eCommerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Snapdeal, and so on due to knowledgeable sellers implementing smart methods. Before this, sellers operating on a large scale did not know a better warehousing method than managing it through manual teams. This has led to a situation of technology interference. Numerous sellers who have neglected this aspect have eventually ended up with a falling graph of sales. But can this need be fulfilled with a traditional approach? 

In 2021, warehousing had tremendous attention through technology-based assistance. Although, a technical hand was used on a wider range. But the subject of warehousing was still not considered. Having said that, warehouse management is not only required for fulfilling the demands and supply but also for better control over inventory. As a seller, there are infinite reasons to lose on deals because of the ill management of warehousing. Let us discuss a few trending drawbacks of improper warehousing that increased warehouse management software in e-commerce. 

Problems and Solutions of eCommerce Warehousing:
  • Improper Inventory Control

This is a big problem while managing the warehouse. As per the process, warehouse management requires certain speculation on products to ensure availability. Taking eCommerce into consideration, insufficient inventory availability is a straight signal to lose. As there could be more demand than before or vice versa. For such situations, it is proven to have planned inventory or else resource wastage takes place. In common methods, technical software that analyzes the market beforehand and provides a report on demand and supply assure a proper mechanism in warehousing. Such methods are adopted in 2021 because it helps in better decision-making and give transparent data reports. 

  • Burdening on Working Capital

A step-by-step surveillance system overstock is crucial because stock procurement and sales are directly proportional to the working capital investment. If there would be more inventory to be sold for a certain amount of orders for Amazon or any eCommerce platforms, there needs to be potential stock availability. If in any case, such management is not implemented, the burden increases on the working capital budget. This is because all the financial activities are run by it. If there would be damaged inventory or any sort of ill management occurs, expense rises. Certain unorganized sellers choose to apply cloud-based management of warehousing. If such an automated help handles the stress of warehouse management, a seller’s productivity automatically rises with fruitful results. 

  • Out-of-Stock

A major mistake almost every seller comes across. As it is known that inventory is the primary need to do business. As operating in the eCommerce industry, sellers do not organize their supply or availability due to which they have to compromise while order fulfillment. For example, if a seller does not look after the insufficiency of the stock or does not speculate according to market behavior, such circumstances arise. These issues are not addressed on time and then impact the outcome, especially in eCommerce. Therefore, to prevent such disadvantages, a software solution for warehouse management needs to be built. These facilities extract the market activities and customer taste, then generate an alert based on the report. Such notifications help in better marketing strategies and encourage productive steps to be taken ahead. 

  • Market Understanding

A manual method of analyzing the factors impacting the marketing behavior is irrelevant. This is because the human mind will only see the things shown to them, but computerized formulas dig out the matters that are not even visible. These features work to analyze the market in the back-end to make full-proof reports. These reports, thereby, show the flaws where sellers need to work. If customers are looking for a certain trendy product, a market analysis feature will rectify it and report it to the sellers. Accordingly, sellers maintain a potential stock in their warehouse to dismiss any losses in this regard. 

  • Sales Opportunities

eCommerce marketplaces are the best place to enrich your sales. But imagine a situation where you lack in fulfilling the demands of such marketplaces. Isn’t that horrifying? But this is not the same case for all the sellers. Such conditions often happen due to the irrelevant management process of the warehouse. If a seller is unable to manage a whole lot of inventory, heshe may not be able to meet the demand of the platforms ever. Or in other cases, will always face difficulties due to over availability or unavailability rate of stocks. But some smart sellers know how to avoid these issues. It is seen that the best solution towards such matters can be a cloud-based watchdog that can bring out several other features with them offering smooth warehouse management. These not only provide reports but also help to make better inventory decisions. 


For an overview of the subject, it has been observed the craze of warehouse management hiking between e-sellers. Every online seller who probably recognized the drawbacks of traditional mediums to manage their inventory wasn’t happy enough. And therefore, the smart ones have made a better decision on time to fulfill all their losses. In the year 2021, sellers are more aware of the importance of warehouse management and looking forward to improving their faults of stock. In this regard, healthy competition in eCommerce marketplaces has also been seen. Including this, there is a satisfaction of customer service also as sellers give their efficient and powerful marketing attention. All the rest of back-office warehouse management work is performed through such robotic teams who keep their sellers informed about any warehouse matters. 

Winding this subject would be better if you allow yourself to search for such amazing software solutions for your warehousing such as eVanik OneWorld Suite or many more. These are credible, efficient, simpler, and impactful systems for all your eCommerce problems.

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