Top Emerging B2B eCommerce Trends of 2022!

B2B refers to the business-to-business eCommerce module. This emerging business model is attracting millions of eyes as it has been increasing rapidly. In the past two years, this eCommerce trend has increased by more than 18% in India itself. Market gurus have predicted that this eCommerce model may increase by 35% by the end of 2024. Undoubtedly, it has provided immense opportunities for sellers to get along with the business model and establish their online presence at various marketplaces.

You must encounter that various trends are now establishing a robust foothold and making their pathway to B2B eCommerce. In the year 2022, B2B eCommerce will get along with more new trends, and we have mentioned them in this blog. Nowadays, almost every seller is looking forward to acquiring the latest marketing trends and business models to attract potential customers and establish their business in a successful manner. Hence B2B eCommerce module has the solution as per the sellers’ requirements an accurate expansion of their online business. In this blog, you will learn about the top emerging B2B eCommerce trends of 2022. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get in and find out what they are.

Five B2B eCommerce Trends of 2022

Indulging into Omnichannel

Omnichannel is a business that is preferably selling through all of the prominent eCommerce channels and has a method for providing the best experience to the sellers and customers. That targets satisfactory customer purchases more crucially than just their engagement. To provide a personalized shopping experience to your customer, B2B businesses are moving towards indulging in omnichannel. Customers are the king, and you need to make the king happy. Customer satisfaction should be the goal for B2B sellers because they already have various options. Believe it or not, providing them with a consistent and seamless omnichannel shopping experience is the authentic game changer in today’s B2B eCommerce picture. So, if you were unaware of this trend, it is time to make omnichannel an integral part of your eCommerce journey. However, to manage your omnichannel inventory, you can take advantage of any available inventory management software in the market, such as eVanik OWS.

Multichannel Integration Trend

B2B sellers are inclined towards the eCommerce platform after analyzing customer demands and market trends. In this regard, multichannel integration is the need of the hour. To sell your products robustly on multiple platforms and increase your revenue, you need to take the help of integrated software for online sellers such as eVanik OWS. It can easily integrate with your ERP system and provides all the information from various channels in a single dashboard. This individual software can eliminate various difficulties of an eCommerce business, no matter which model you choose. It can minimize the need for manual inventory and accounting management.

Onboarding Social Commerce Platforms

You must be aware of several social commerce platforms in India, such as Meesho. Shopsy, BulBul, Mall91, etc. According to the latest research, more than 35% of consumers are making online purchases through social commerce platforms. That is the reason why B2B sellers are getting indulged in this compelling eCommerce trend. The peculiarity of selling and promoting products through multiple social media platforms can keep your customers attached to you. It can be a compelling game-changer for you this year. As a B2B seller, you can directly set up your online store on social media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. Social commerce platforms are predicted to hike up more than 45% by the year 2025. Hence you can also come along with this trend to accelerate the growth of your B2B eCommerce business. These Days it is not necessary that you can sell your products only through eCommerce platforms but from social media platforms as well.

Speedy B2B Order Fulfillment

The urgency for fast and efficient order fulfillment processes is crucial as more B2B businesses cross the digital verge. The thriving demands of customers have made it essential for B2B sellers to fasten up the order fulfillment process to meet the demands of their customers. However, in this digital era, you can not speed up this essential process without taking the help of any order management system of eCommerce such as eVanik OWS. This software automates the various aspects of your business, such as inventory, payments, shipping, and returns. B2B businesses are taking advantage of such available software in the market to boost the speed of order fulfillment. It is one of the critical B2B eCommerce trends in 2022.

Demand For Real-Time Inventory Availability

Accuracy in inventory is the basic need of any eCommerce business model, whether it is B2B, B2C, or D2C. To get in this fast-paced world, you need to fulfill the order requirements of your customers as soon as possible. But if you do not know what products are available in your inventory, you won’t be able to fulfill your customers’ requirements. In this regard, if you need to integrate your ERP system with a robust inventory management software that can provide real-time inventory and automatically adjust the inventory on marketplaces. These days sellers are prioritizing this feature and attaining considerable benefits.

Apart from these astonishing B2B eCommerce trends, as a B2B seller, you also need to focus on the content because it has become an essential aspect for advertising your products on various platforms and attaining an enormous customer base to accelerate your sales and revenue simultaneously. Evaluating the strategies of your competitors is also imperative to stay competitive in this eCommerce world. It will help if you have an idea of what your competitors are up to; missing on them means you are missing out on something important that can add more value to your eCommerce business.


The past two years were all about getting online for B2B businesses. The year 2022 and beyond will upgrade your online presence to keep up with ever-evolving customers’ expectations. Keeping that in mind, as a B2B seller, you must focus on these emerging B2B trends of 2022 that we have identified in the above paragraphs. You must prioritize them all because that can be the only roadmap to your entire online business success. Understanding these new trends can take your B2B business to the next level of this eCommerce game.

Although to implement and adapt these trends, you may require a powerful eCommerce management software such as eVanik OWS. This astonishing software can take care of every aspect of your B2B business: inventory, accounting, shipping, payments, and returns. If you are facing difficulties in managing these aspects of your business, without thinking twice you must get along with us. The centralized integration feature of this enormous software can eliminate manual errors by automating the entire order fulfillment cycle.

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