Undeniably, we can say that this is the era of the eCommerce business. The entire business model revolves around online business. It has so many aspects which you need to handle effectively. Being in an eCommerce online business, there must be a lot of work you need to manage daily, such as inventory management, shipping, payments, order fulfillment, returns management, and many more. It requires a lot of time and energy to manage all these aspects of this gigantic industry with perfection if you are doing it manually or traditionally. Your hard work can undoubtedly boost business growth, but you can’t experience continuity. At this point, you need to take a back step and evaluate your whole business structure. 

You may experience that with the help of human resources, you also need to automate your eCommerce business. Without automation, the growth of your business may get stuck. In this blog, we are focusing on some phenomenal ways to automate your eCommerce business. Let’s dig in and have an overview of it. 

Automate These Aspects of eCommerce Business to Add Profit 

There is no room to survive in the eCommerce industry with manual processes in this tech-savvy world when everything is going digital and automatic. Applying automation in your business is a fantastic way to boost the efficiency of every essential aspect of this pivotal industry. Automation can help you with so many things that eventually may help generate revenue. 

  • Inventory Automation:

    Inventory management is one of the crucial parts of the eCommerce business. It doesn’t matter whether you are dealing on a bigger or smaller scale; you have to manage it efficiently for the success of your business. However, it can be time-consuming and depressing to update your inventory and keep track of it manually. For a delightful customer experience, inventory management is a necessity. As the growth of your business, manual inventory management could become a pain for you. That is why you need inventory automation, and there are several inventory management software in the market which make this fully automatic for you. It can automatically update the product availability, making it easy for you to accept new orders. You may take the help of any cloud-based software to automate this vital process. 

  • Accounting Automation:

    If you are the one who is stuck collecting receipts, invoices, and making spreadsheets for every single transaction, believe me, it is time to move on and try out the automated accounting process. Manually updating the ledgers and keeping track of every transaction may eat up all your precious time, and it can also be a pain for accounting professionals. However, automatic accounting software can ease this process and provide you with all the real-time data of every transaction, product costing, third-party commission, and the mode of payment that has been used. Accounting automated software provides the facility of accounting integration as well. You can use such software for seamless accounting integration with diverse accounting and financial ERPs. 

  • Cart Abandonment Automation:

    the eCommerce industry is plagued by cart abandonment. It has become a natural part of eCommerce platforms. On a daily basis, approximately 47% of shopping carts get abandoned by customers. The total value of abandoned carts may fall between millions of dollars. However, you can re-pitch those customers through an automated cart abandonment process. In this process, you can automatically send an email notification to those customers who have added the products to their cart but haven’t gone through the payment processing. Through the automated email, you can remind them to buy that particular product and explain its benefits. You may take the service of built-in cart abandonment emails that can attract customers to buy your products. 

  • Shipping Automation:

    Shipping is one of the most imperative parts of the eCommerce business. All your Profit and Loss depend on this particular process. It is essential to keep track of all the shipped items and their charges. Executing this process manually in a traditional way can be a lengthy process. Doing it manually may result in a miscalculation of data. To save time and add more value to your business, you need to opt for shipping automation. Several companies provide shipping automation software for online sellers, which can speed up this process without any errors. It can also provide you with real-time data on each and every shipping along with their charges, the volume of the item, and charges per location. Shipping automation can also enhance your customer’s experience. 

  • Return Automation:

    According to a survey, returns are one of the biggest hurdles in the eCommerce industry. It has become very challenging for sellers to manage their returns appropriately. It could be depressing to do it manually because it will be impossible for you to enter every return detail in the spreadsheet. It can also increase the chances of inaccuracy, ultimately leading to your business’s failure. However, if you automate the return with the help of any online business management software can minimize the risk of failure. This software provides the customers’ actual data for every returned item. You can track all the unreceived and non-saleable returns as well. Accurate tracking of returns can save you from financial crunches. Give it a try and automate your return process asap. 

  • Order Processing Automation:

    Order processing is also an essential part of this imminent industry compared to other eCommerce aspects. You have to be super quick and error-free in processing the orders. Because delayed order processing can harm your business drastically, in this manner you need to automate the order processing. Online order management software can easily automate this process by creating the packaging details and package slips for bulk orders. You don’t have to take out every single print for each item because automated software can look after that.


Now, you can understand why automation is a need in this diversified industry. If you are still using the traditional ways for an eCommerce business, it can bombard you with huge losses. Undoubtedly, this is the generation of technology, and everyone wants a super quick service. To match the expectation of your customers, this is high time you should automate all the aspects of the eCommerce industry you are associated with. 


It is better to spend some money today on automated software to get rid of financial crunches. You can experience a big difference between mechanical services and manual ones. Hence, it is better to automate your eCommerce business and generate more revenue. 

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