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Follow These Essential Steps to Improve Your Order Fulfillment Process!

To establish your online eCommerce business successfully, there are several steps you need to follow. The order fulfillment process is one of the essential steps of an online business. It applies to every business model, whether it is business-to-business or business-to-consumer. The primary agenda of this enormous industry is to fulfill your customers' orders in any circumstances. Omitting this crucial step can put your business at risk and diminish your reputation in the marketplace.

If you are also facing several issues related to this process, this blog is for you. Here you will get to know how to improve your order fulfillment process. Apart from this, we have mentioned some ideal ways to identify the best smart solution for the eCommerce order fulfillment process. Along with including the several steps to improve the fulfillment process, you can also take the help of some software that can smartly help you with this process and never let you lose a single customer. So what are we waiting for? Let's dig in and find out the best solutions for this vital process.

Imperative Steps to Improve the Order Fulfillment Process

You can not sustain in this business for a longer time if you don't have any strategy and a solid plan to fulfill the order requirement of the customers. It's crucial how an order ends up at your customer's doorstep. All are connected with the entire order fulfillment process, from inventory to choose the packaging and shipping method. According to recent research, 40% of customers never purchase from a seller again if they experience a poor delivery service. The delivery may get delayed due to the failure at other essential steps of this process. Let's find out what steps you can take to improve the order fulfillment process.

Automate the Entire Process

Nowadays, automation is the apex of an effective and reliable order fulfillment process. It is one of the smart solutions for the eCommerce order fulfillment process that can help you sustain your online business for a longer time. Unfortunately, sellers are still manually executing this process in this techno-friendly world. As a result, they experience the hassle related to order fulfillment; they spend much time on the same repetitive tasks. It impacts customer satisfaction, their market image, and overall financial performance. However, automation allows you to input all the essential informative data at one time. You can integrate with any order fulfillment software such as eVanik to automate the whole process. It works as a multichannel order management software that can help you process multiple orders from various eCommerce platforms. It reduces the risk of human errors, minimizes operational expenses, and escalates sales opportunities simultaneously.

Understand the Cycle of Order Fulfillment

While performing the order fulfillment process, you must prioritize the cycle of this process. If you do so, it will provide you with compelling insights into this process. You must understand how the entire cycle of order fulfillment works. Remember that the smooth fulfillment process impacts the rate of customer satisfaction and ultimately affects your overall annual revenue. The order fulfillment cycle starts when a customer places an order. As a seller, you need to check the inventory and then execute the packing and shipping process. In this entire process, your focus should be on ensuring that the time of your fulfillment cycle is as low as possible. The less time you will take to process an order, the more it will increase your customer satisfaction rate.

Organize your Inventory

Before moving towards fulfilling your customers' orders, you need to manage your inventory, especially if you are dealing with multiple eCommerce platforms. As a seller, you need to have full control on your inventory. This is the only way you will be able to fulfill the demand of your customers. To organize your inventory in one place, you can take the help of multiple order management software. It will organize your inventory for multiple channels in one place and save you from getting into an out-of-stock situation. It will keep you updated with your inventory's available and unavailable products. It will never leave you dissatisfied with your valuable customers. The elegant way of organizing your inventory is by taking the help of any advanced software. It ultimately reduces the time it takes to process the orders.

Attractive Return Policy

The eCommerce industry is cursed by the returns, and you absolutely can't do anything about it rather than providing attractive return policies to your customers. The order fulfilment process doesn't just end with the delivery of the specific product, but it may get stretched if the customer raises an issue of return. The essence of a successful order fulfilment process is a happy customer with the order they received from you and their positive review. To attain this, every time, you need to provide them with an attractive return policy, which should allow you to process the returns and raise the refunds as well. These days customers always look for the return policies before placing an order. Nobody wants to place an order and get disappointed later blindly. To complete the purchasing process, you must attract them with an adequate return policy.

There are primarily three types of order fulfilment processes; Third-party order fulfilment, dropshipping, and merchant order fulfilment. You can choose any of these types as per the nature and requirements of your eCommerce business. Now let's find out how you can choose an effective order fulfilment software.

Criteria to Select a Smart Solution for Order Fulfilment Process

The market overlaps with the smart solution provider for the order fulfilment process. All you need to do is to check out if the software contains the following criteria or not.

  • First of all, see whether the solution fulfils your requirements or not.
  • It should have the integration technology to integrate with your system quickly.
  • It must have the technology to provide you with the complete visibility of the order fulfilment process.
  • The smart software for the eCommerce order fulfillment process must have the feature of managing multiple orders from various platforms.

    Multichannel order management software like eVanik fulfills all these criteria and provides you with the best service in the market.


The order fulfillment process is an elementary part of the eCommerce business. It leads you towards an engaging customer experience and ultimately increases the customer base along with the profits. By following the above improvement steps, you can also enhance the fulfillment process. It encourages your chance to be fast and synergic in the evolving eCommerce industry. To make this process hassle-free, you can also take the help of some advanced software in the market. It ensures the success of this process and adds more value to your business.

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