Escape These 8 Blunders To Run Your Online Business Profitably!


If you are new to an online e-commerce business, this blog may help you attain more profits than ever. You may not notice, but if you are failing again and again in generating revenue, it is because you are making some big mistakes. Do not worry; here, we will make you aware of those eight blunders that sellers must avoid to run a smooth and profitable business. 

Nowadays, the E-commerce business is the most fast-growing business not only in India but all around the globe. Customers mostly prefer to shop online these days, so sellers have a golden opportunity to make more of it. Though, it would help you in your business growth if you evade these basic mistakes.

So, folks, what are you waiting for? Let's check out what blunders you should not make while running your business. 

Stay Away from these 8 Online E-commerce Business Mistakes 

  • Shaky Customer Service:

    Being an online seller, you should know that customer satisfaction is essential in the e-commerce industry. Without their satisfaction, one can not run their business successfully. Strong customer service support can help you generously to keep your customers happy. You must resolve their issues related to order placement, delivery, and refunds promptly. Apart from that, their queries should also get responded to in no time. If you are dealing on a significant ground, then you must ensure that you have a bright and well-spoken customer support team. Although, if you are a new or individual seller, you may get the help of any online business management company. 

  • Lack of Planning and Business Strategy:

    It is one of those mistakes which can destroy your business. A Quintessential Business strategy and planning is the key to a fruitful business. You must escape this blunder if you are making one. There must be a foolproof plan before starting an E-commerce business. It would be best if you had a proper idea of all the necessary facts of the business. Along with this, you must set a business goal. A positive approach and intelligent business tactics can also lead you towards success. Keep in mind that there is no other way of doing a profitable business.

  • Poor Quality of Product:

    Oh yes, you read it right, poor product quality is the biggest hurdle for a rewarding e-commerce business. First thing first, being an online seller, you must know that the growth of your business also depends on the quality of the product you are going to sell or selling online. You can lose customers just because of this very basic fact. However, one must focus more on the product before selling it on any e-commerce website. It's obvious that no one is going to rebuy your product if the quality is not recommendable. Always ensure the product quality is satisfactory before selling it online. 

  • Low Interaction with Customers:

    You should understand that you must find a way to interact with your valuable customers for the success of your business. Always check that whichever e-commerce website you select for selling must have the message box to get in touch with the customers. In this way, sellers can resolve the issues and queries of customers, which may become beneficial for their business. 

  • Not Selecting the Right Selling Platforms:

    All your hard work may go in vain if you are not choosing the right online platform to sell your products. There are so many e-commerce websites out there that promise to provide the best service and revenue. But you have to select the reliable one. However, it is always safe to start with big brands such as Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, eBay, Meesho, etc. These brands are well established and they minimize the risk of failing. You should also choose the platform based on the type of your product. Although, today sellers can sell different types of products under one roof. 

  • Lack of Brand Focusing:

    In the current scenario, branding is the one thing that can bring a lot of customers to you. People are becoming more brand-oriented and like to buy branded products. Even if you are new in the market, you must focus on creating your own brand. Setting a trademark may add a golden feather to your business. Once the e-commerce website provides you brand recognition, no one can stop you from making profits. Being new to the market may prove a slow and steady game for you to establish your brand, but once it's done, the ball will be in your court. Branding can easily make your product more considerable for customers. 

  • Missing Product Reviews:

    Considering yourself an intelligent and brainy seller may break your delusion if there are no product reviews on the e-commerce site. Most customers prefer to buy products only after reading the product reviews. They do it to check the authenticity as well. No reviews can negatively affect e-commerce business. So it is always better to add a product review. For this, you may also take the help of Online business management tools and software. They can make it easy for you to gather all the reviews in one place. Use them wisely, post the positive ones and post negative reviews if there are any. The balance of positive and negative reviews can add more value to your product. 

  • Infelicitous Shipping Options:

    It is the Seller's misconception that shipping may not affect their profits. Indeed it does because customers do not want to pay too much for shipping. If you are an individual seller and handling the logistics, you must take care of the shipping charges as well. If e-commerce websites or other logistic partners handle it, in that case, the whole scenario could get changed. However, it is advisable to manage the logistics on your own. Along with this, the fastest delivery options could also benefit you in terms of generating revenue. Sellers can also take the help of online business management companies such as Evanik and flexsmart for shipping reconciliation. 


According to research, India has become the eighth largest e-commerce market provider globally. However, the pandemic has disrupted the growth for some time, but it has found its way and continues to grow at its full speed. It is a golden opportunity for sellers to use these platforms to flourish their business and make money. To establish a prosperous and robust business, it is necessary to avoid the above blunders. One can not go any further with making these mistakes. Do not lose hope; better to arrive late than not to come at all. Hope this blog may help you avoid such mistakes and attain immense success. 

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