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Right now we are at the peak of our technological advancement and as the popular saying goes “There is Always Room for Improvement”. As new updates keep coming, it is affecting the way we think and modifying the way we are viewing an object, an event, or in this case a brand. We aim to educate you right from the basics and a proper overview of how an eCommerce website can be optimized for voice search. So without any further ado let’s get started.

Today you will learn about voice search and how to optimize eCommerce websites for voice search to sell products online.

What does Voice search mean?

Voice search is a feature in which a user can give a voice command and based on the reference to the voice command it searches over the internet and finds the relevant websites, an app, or any product. In technical terms, it includes open domain keyword queries on any form of information on the internet.

This search is interactive in nature and includes certain and constant refinement by asking for clarification. The search is done by any device that can take voice input. The most common types to activate searches are by

    • Clicking on the voice command icon
    • Calling out the name of the virtual assistant device you are using
    • Or by clicking on the home button or gesture on the interface

Now let’s come to the point that now you have an eCommerce website but want to optimize it for voice searches. This brings the main question

How do I optimize my eCommerce website for voice search?

According to PPC reports, it has been found that most customers prefer to search their queries via voice searches. Hence looking from a business point of view voice search can be used as a top-funnel activity. And because of this there will be more chance of discovering your product or eCommerce website online than your respective competitor.

So you have to design your website accordingly,.

Optimizing your website for voice searches

First, you have to do the proper research yourself about search engine optimization, how digital marketing works, and focus especially on a better and interactive user experience. So that your website is shown search engine result pages (SERP).

  • Focus on interactive questions

Most of the queries that a customer search is in a form of question and mainly it is in a form of usual phrase. For example, if someone wants to buy shoes online he/she might ask for a query “Ok google, please suggest a shoe store near me?”. That voice command will automatically activate a search online and will show a number of results on the screen.

It means you have to focus on the triggering texts like best, free, new when, why, new, etc. to optimize your content on the website, blog, or FAQ page. Also, focus on long-tail keywords in a question form with less competition. You have to think logically about what a query might be.

You can take help from google analytics to determine the impact of the keyword you are focusing on. From there you can also focus on getting some more keyword ideas to embed in your website.

  • Develop a rich snippet

A rich snippet is one of the important factors that can drive your eCommerce business. Google’s algorithm works on a rich keyword basis. You might have seen on the Google search box that highlighted in a bold letter in the snippet section about your query. It means that the website contains

When a user searches a product via voice search there a good chance that the device will read out the snippet to the customer that is present at the topmost page (Position Zero). So, you have to structure your content accordingly that can answer common queries on any possible targeted question. Also, you have to use relevant keywords URL and H1 tag in your content.

  • Improving the structure of your website

When the content on the website is properly structured, it can give the information that can index your site. This way it can improve the ranking of your website to higher positions as Google’s algorithm is now preferring structured data the most.

For example, you might have seen some website which shows starts as reviews by the customer. This is due to the result in schema markup implementation on the website. The developer has the choice of implementing multiple schemas to optimize it.

  • Listing Products on Google Shopping

You might be aware that most of the demographic are using google to do voice searches, so for instance if a customer is using voice command via google assistant to find a product. There is a good chance that your product might be easily discoverable on google shopping.

There are several extensions on different eCommerce websites that can easily sync your products on google shopping. These extensions map out the product’s data, content, variation, cost, etc. This way you can save up a lot of time and remove any additional resources that you were using to manage your product on multiple channels.

  • Include an FAQ’s section on your page

The trend of using FAQs might be becoming obsolete and big organizations have now stopped using it. But still several eCommerce websites like amazon are persistent on using FAQ below their product description.

On the positive side, the FAQ section saves a lot of time for the customer, he/she can easily list down all the relevant questions on just one single page that is less energy-consuming. Here you also have the opportunity of embedding few keywords to optimize the product content.

  • Enable voice search in your own eCommerce website

You must integrate your eCommerce website with voice search to increase the chance of finding the relevant and required product. To streamline the experience of thousands of products on your website, you have to enable an AI-powered voice search that can direct the customer wherever he wants to go on the website.

The basic concept behind this is that the customers are already coming from a voice search command, they might already be expecting a voice search feature on the website as well. If you can integrate customer service in your website via a voice chatbot that can effectively reply to customer complaints.

  • Register on Google my Business

This another add-on to optimize your website. Here you can provide all the relevant information like your website, niches of products, location, etc on google my business. So when the user is searching by any query he/she has more chance of discovering your brand name in more detail.

And presenting your business in a more detailed manner will establish a brand authority for your audience.

  • Take help from social media

To prepare your website for voice search, you need to know what type of questions people are asking, in what pattern they are asking, are they using a local language or a mix of different languages. Also, try to understand their emotion behind the specific product.

Using social media as a tool can turn out to be more beneficial and you will get a more clear picture of what questions you must focus on while designing the voice search for your eCommerce website.


As technology is evolving we as businessmen have to think about how we can use this same tech to our advantage and use it effectively to amp up our revenue. Voice search is a leap to the future of eCommerce and going down the line it will become a new normal for everyone in the world.

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