Initially, the eCommerce business was the new and creative way of doing business, and it was a challenge for sellers to attract more and more customers towards them. However, it has become more crucial with time, and sellers realized that the real challenge is managing the orders across various eCommerce platforms. The rising competition has converted the customer experience into the top priority and parallelly an excellent way to efficiently manage and fulfill orders. That is why an order management system becomes essential for providing service excellence in eCommerce. Advanced management software for eCommerce implements effective inventory management and automatically reduces the obligations of returns and cancellations. 

Believe it or not but a good amount can be saved in operational costs if a seller has a compatible eCommerce order management system. Although, there are several instinctive challenges of order management systems that every online seller can face. Here in this blog, we have mentioned some of the frequent challenges of this system and the solutions to resolve them. 

Uttermost Challenges and Solutions of eCommerce OMS

In the eCommerce industry order management system is the most challenging part of this business. It is crucial to manage it in any condition because the entire process depends on this. A minor error in this system can diminish all your hard work in a fraction of a second. That is why it is necessary for you first to understand the challenges and then look out for ways for better solutions. Let's go ahead and find out what are the challenges you can face in managing the orders and what are the practical solutions for that. 

  • Consistent Gap in Data:

    The ever-emerging eCommerce industry has provided an immense opportunity for sellers to reach out to millions and billions of customers out there and start their business promptly. But in doing so, there comes many hurdles that need to be resolved effectively. As an eCommerce seller, you may experience a consistent gap in data which can create big trouble for you. This data can be related to a customer's order, payments, shipping details, and other processes. Acquiring data is imperative for you because you can operate only on that basis. In the process of traditionally storing the data, human errors may occur. A single error can diminish the entire order management process. The consistent gap in data can lead to order cancellations, deficient order fulfillment, and dwindling customer satisfaction. However, there is an available solution for this problem, and that is management software. You can integrate this software with your system, and it can automatically magnetize all the data related to every order and feed in your system. You can even view the data of various eCommerce platforms in a single panel.

  • Inventory Management:

    Managing the inventory is a more significant task for online sellers. A fragile eCommerce inventory management can affect your business drastically. Some may realize its importance soon, but some may realize it after a significant loss. That is why you should have clarity on inventory management. In the process of fulfilling the order, warehousing, supply manager, and on-time shipping, it is essential to know about inventory management. It is the best practice to save your products from wastage. This diversified OMS software can help you manage the inventory and facilitate order processing and fulfillment. There should be consistency in maintaining the correct amount of each product in the stfn help you cut off unnecessary inventory costs according to the supply. Eventually, it can add more profit to your business. The fundamental purpose of this software is to meet customers' demands without creating an overstock or excessive inventory. Being a seller, you need to understand the importance of inventory and try to resolve its issues as soon as possible. 

  • Manual Operations:

    The manual operations in eCommerce consist of dozens of errors. You can not process an order successfully if you are doing it manually. First of all, it takes a lot of time, energy, and precious money as you have to hire someone to do the operations. Hiring someone doesn't mean you can skip the errors; human errors will always be there. However, only one way to resolve this problem is to integrate your system with better management software for a successful business. You can integrate it with your eComm business infrastructure. Some software is explicitly designed to integrate your accounting system, warehouse, inventory management, and customer service. It ensures that order management works as seamlessly and efficiently as possible. This hassle-free process can minimize all the risk of poor order management and boost the scalability of your business. 

  • Processing Multiple Channel Orders:

    Nowadays, the eCommerce industry has provided you with a tremendous opportunity to sell your products on various eCommerce channels. In this way, you can build a robust customer base and generate revenue. But the real challenge is managing the orders on various platforms. A single order has diversified steps to perform, and you can not afford a single mistake in this whole process. Suppose you are associated with various eCommerce platforms that sell your products. In that case, you need to take this challenge and operate it successfully with the help of any intelligent software in the market. It is because handling the various orders at different platforms can become complicated, especially when your business snowballs. Since every platform has its processing of orders, the key solution to this challenge is to attain an eCommerce order management software for your help. You can manage all the orders across various platforms via this software in no time. 

  • Provide Dynamic Customer Experience:

    The eCommerce business starts by generating revenue and ends by providing a dynamic customer experience. The competition is also increasing day by day, and that's why it is the biggest challenge for order management. For a dynamic customer experience, you need to accelerate the shipping and delivery. These days customers are looking for the fastest delivery of their products, and they end up ordering the specific product that takes minimum time to process. At this point, you can experience the necessity of the fastest delivery. An order management software can select the nearest warehouse right after a customer places an order and quickly process it further. It can also use the order details and previous order history to accelerate the process of order fulfillment. You can keep track of every movement of the shipped order and update about the same to your customers. It can upsurge the customer's satisfaction level and more valuable customers into your list.


There is no such business field in this whole wide world that doesn't conclude the challenges; important is how you will tackle those challenges. In this fast-paced world, to compete with others, you need to automate your business processes with the help of any advanced software. It can help you process the orders successfully and add a golden feather to your business. The above solutions to these challenges can never let you feel that it is not working or you can not do it anymore.

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