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Requisite eCommerce Business Model That Works in 2022!

The eCommerce industry has become the powerhouse of online business. It has become the earning source for millions of people out there. But to establish an online business, you need to understand the business model of eCommerce. It is essential for those planning to sell online and who are new to the industry. To provide the right direction for your business and ensure profitability, you must select the right model for your eCommerce business. Along with a suitable business model, you can also use powerful eCommerce management software to boost your business.

Do not just jump off to sell your products, but while planning the eComm venture, you must focus on the business plan and the model you adopt to sell your products online. Always keep in mind that if you execute successfully, the eCommerce business can become a compelling source of income for you. This blog consists of all the information regarding the various types of business models that will work in 2022. Let’s find out what those essential business models are.

Six Significant eCommerce Business Models of 2022

The eCommerce industry is a global sensation that supports several business models. The best thing about this industry is that you can choose more than one model for your online business. Let’s have a clear picture of an eCommerce business model which works successfully.

Business-to-Business (B2B)

If you think your product or services are essential for other businesses, you can go for a business-to-business eCommerce model. Exceptional networking and reaching out to people is the most prominent strategy of this business model. In this business model, all you need is an effective approach. You have to convince business ventures that your products can add value to their business. However, you may find it challenging to generate revenue, but balancing the quality of your product or service will prove beneficial for you. For B2B eCommerce business models, you can also avail of the service of powerful online business management software.

Business-to-Consumer (B2C)

This eCommerce business model indicates the process of selling products or services directly between a business and its customers. Those sellers or companies who sell directly to consumers are considered business-to-consumer companies. You can pick this eCommerce business model if your products or services only target individuals. In this business model, you can take the help of advertising techniques to promote your products. Apart from that, you can take the help of eCommerce sellers software to sell your products online. Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra are based on a business-to-consumer eCommerce business model.

Business-to-Government (B2G)

This business model specifies selling the products or services to several government agencies. The Business-to-government module allows you to bid over various government projects and products they may purchase depending on the needs of their organizations. In this significant eCommerce business model, you advertise your products to government agencies. After choosing this business model, you have to bid or fill out the tender for different government contracts. Mostly, none of the government agencies would come to any eCommerce website to place an order. But some semi-government agencies or local government agencies are the exceptions, and they can buy your products or avail the services according to their requirement.

Business-to-Business-to-Consumer (B2B2C)

This eCommerce business model refers to an online business that sells its product to another business, and then sell the same product to the consumers. This individual business model has the involvement of three parties. If you pick this business model, you have to contact other businesses and pay a commission for every sale. ECommerce stores attain this business model to pitch new customers.

Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C)

In the enormous eCommerce industry, consumer-to-consumer is a unique business model. In this particular business model, one consumer sells online products or services to another consumer. This eCommerce business model is promoted by a third party that takes care of their transaction details and brings them together. OLX, eBay, and Etsy work on C2C business models. These eCommerce platforms allow consumers to buy, sell and rent products from other consumers. This business model is relatively cheaper than others, but you need to be careful because it consists of legal matters. You require picture-perfect planning before choosing this business model.

Consumer-to-Business (C2B)

This is another eCommerce business model which is popular because of freelancers. In consumer to the business model, freelancers receive tasks from their clients and fulfill the requirements as per their needs. These freelancers and clients work individually without the involvement of any other party. The consumer-to-business model is considered a sole proprietorship that provides services to more significant businesses. For example, freelance marketplaces, auction websites, and affiliate marketing are an integral part of this business model. But if you choose this, you need to plan a lot because of the legal complexities.

Direct-to-Consumer (D2C)

This is the brand new eCommerce business model which is overgrowing. In this business model, a company produces its product according to its choice and distributes it directly to its consumers without the involvement of any third party. They design their eCommerce website to sell the products and promote them over social media and other platforms. In this process, they don’t need to pay any commission to anyone. They solely do their business on their own terms and conditions. Sugar, Mamaearth, Licious, Boat, Lenskart, and Mellora are some examples of successful D2C ventures. Direct-to-consumer business requires a lot of patience and hard work. To make this process much easier and hassle-free, they can use eCommerce management software.


All the above-mentioned eCommerce business models have their advantages and disadvantages. Depending upon your product and services, you need to choose a suitable business model. Business to Business, Business to consumers, and Direct to consumers are the most popular eCommerce business models that are working successfully in 2022. To generate more revenue from them, you can wisely choose the service of any eCommerce seller’s software.

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