Overall Guide for the new sellers on Flipkart


Online selling is a whole new concept that has taken over the traditional way of selling. Especially when the world saw the pandemic, Covid changed the world and the type of selling. The Post Pandemic phase has registered an enormous rise in the scale of operations of Online Selling platforms. Consumers are more comfortable with shopping online with just a single click.

It also changed the game for sellers. Infinite opportunities have come across due to online evolution. Online shopping websites consist of everything which any customer can demand. We are aware that there are numerous sellers and different platforms for this. Business can be extended simply by getting new customers through different channels.

Online shopping has made a gateway for new and small brands to flourish their business with a vast community of buyers. After the Covid 19, some online selling platforms have boomed in a tremendous manner; platforms like Flipkart, Amazon, Meesho and Myntra are there for newbies to extend their business.

Which eCommerce platform is best for your business?

Different factors determine the best platform for your business, and you must go through different factors to choose the best platform. You must check your competitors, the product you sell, the audience, etc.

Why Choose Flipkart for an online business?

Flipkart is one of the biggest online selling platforms and has an excellent customer base. For a new business session, a seller must start from the right place to launch their products.

For new players in the online selling game, you may think about how to sell your product on Flipkart. We will help you to understand that. We will understand the steps required to be followed, the benefits of selling on Flipkart, and the required documents.

Steps required to be followed

  • The first step is to create a seller account on Flipkart.
  • Then you will be required to enter your phone number, which is used for the OTP.
  • Then further, add on your email address and password.
  • The next step is to enter your pickup address, where you will send the products.
  • After this, add tax details like PAN no. and GSTIN and the bank details.
  • Further, you will have to provide your store description and store details.
  • Then one of the essential steps comes in: listing the product and choosing that according to your product.

Then, you go to the vertical and add your brand name there. Keep adding product information like price and description.

When all these simple steps are done, you will send it to QC, which is a quality check. The QC is issued on your seller dashboard; once done, you are good to start selling on Flipkart. These were the basic steps that needed to be fulfilled; apart from this, a lot has to be done.

The Key areas for a better sale on Flipkart

Listing of a Product

You will have to give small details like color, model, size, care, weight, and more in the listing. This part is done for detailed information about the product.

Sellers need to understand how to list products on Flipkart and why it is crucial. As a seller, you must be descriptive to the consumer about everything regarding the product.

How to display your product

The display is all about making your product look good on the eCommerce website. This is crucial; the first impact is created then and there only. Images that should be used must be of high quality; the color combination should be catchy.

The platform will help you to attract more customers through innovative cataloging through its partners. You can also take assistance regarding the image and detailed description of the product for more consumer engagement.

Pricing of the Product

Different factors determine the price. As a seller, you will have to have the right amount of information regarding the market prices, trends, and your competitors. After considering different criteria price of the product can be fixed.

Although this can get a bit tough for newbies, you can take assistance from eCommerce management software like eVanik OWS for all the hectic paperwork, calculations, and much more.

Benefits of selling with Flipkart


A broad canvas of selling

Your product can be restricted to only a local place; people might recognize you in a small area. Then the question comes of how to broaden the business. With Flipkart, your product will reach Pan-India, turning you into a national-level seller.

For example, if we look at the stats and data, it signifies that once you become a seller on Flipkart, you get access to over 1 million registered customers. The business scale on Flipkart is immense, which will help you increase your business, and we have discussed earlier how to sell your product on Flipkart.

Analyzing the market trends

When you are a seller on this platform, you access data that Flipkart collects. By accessing this, you will get a broader aspect of thinking. This factor will help you determine pricing trends, advertisements scale, and much more.

The positive changes can be made by reading the trends, products that are high in demand, new marketing trends, and which product has performed well.

Very Low-set Up Costs

This platform is not traditional; you do not have to think of getting a good display, arranging trial rooms, or arranging good lighting. These things are done to appeal to customers; saving all this money is a blessing of e-Commerce.

It can be done with a broader reach and more informed way with Flipkart. Just spend a fraction of money and join hands with the giant of the Online selling world and have access to success.

Well-established Logistics network

When you enter into online selling, you will think about how to deliver your product, what is the best way out, and everything. When you become a seller on Flipkart, you need not worry about the product delivery part. You can use Flipkart’s logistics network.

The chain of command is well-settled in Flipkart, with around 200 Plus hubs, and around 10,000 delivery agents; the product delivery process goes smooth and easy without any hassle.


The world of eCommerce has numerous opportunities for sellers; by choosing the right path, you can see your business flourish. The main idea is to stay updated and get going with a good profit margin. When businesses are combined with technology, results can be overwhelming.

We have discussed the different aspects of selling on Flipkart, including listing products on Flipkart, display, pricing, logistics, etc. It is a matter of fact that to reach new heights; sellers need to have a wider reach, which helps escalate the business.

The whole motive of selling online can be put together, getting tremendous market access without levying high costs and maintenance. Websites like Flipkart enable your business to flourish in extraordinary ways.

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