Importance of Marketplace Integration for Multichannel Sellers!

The eCommerce industry is growing at its full velocity. It is essential to grasp all the various technologies and services available to boost your online business. In this manner, marketplace integration is the way that can add value to your business. Believe it or not but if you are not using it then you are far away from utilizing the full power of eCommerce. Believe me or not, surviving in this vast industry is more skill than luck. To attain that armory, one needs to get in touch with the best eCommerce solutions providers.

There are several API-based software that helps in the process of the marketplace integration process. The vital process promotes the sales of various eCommerce platforms by combining their precise steps, such as managing the inventory and transferring all the data from multiple platforms to a single panel based in real-time. It offers you to organize your product lists from different online marketplaces such as Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Meesho, etc. There are uncountable benefits of Marketplace integration that you can incorporate into your online business and generate a humongous revenue. You can manage all your day-to-day activities with the help of this feature. It can help you manage inventory, order reconciliation, payment reconciliation, shipping, and so on. In this blog, You will get informed about the efficient features and benefits of Marketplace integration.

How Does Marketplace Integration Work?

First thing first, it is important to understand how marketplace integration operates. Essentially a marketplace integration works with the help of eCommerce management software. This software helps integrate various marketplaces processes such as accounts, inventory, returns, and shipping. It gathers the data of every individual process from various eCommerce marketplace and then provides you with all the essential updates. This software for marketplace integration handles all the movement related to the selling process on various platforms. Here are a few steps which will give you more clarity on how this process works.

Step 1.

First of all, marketplace integration implies developing an API connection between the seller’s system and various eCommerce platforms such as Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart, Meesho, eBay, etc. Once the API connection gets established and starts running, you will be able to recover, synchronize and delete eCommerce data related to your products, inventory, orders, and shipments.

Step 2.

Once the link between the application programming interface (API) gets deep-rooted with the eCommerce platforms. It transfers the data taken from sellers related to the product, including its price, description, amount, and images, to the eCommerce platforms. This is a fully automated process that saves your precious time and effort. It is a crucial step in marketplace integration.

Step 3.

In this third step, eCommerce management software for marketplace integration provides real-time data on all the placed orders, inventory, shipping, and order fulfillment. It assures a smooth flow of data between the seller’s system and the eCommerce platform and vice versa. It fetches the data on time and provides you with accurate information regarding your ongoing sales process.

Step 4.

Marketplace integration works along with the eCommerce management software. It provides a centralized panel where you can manage all the necessary steps related to order fulfillment. Inventory management, order details, packaging, shipping, and returns, every major and minor detail will be there on your panel.

Spectacular Features of Marketplace Integration Process

The eCommerce industry is snowballing, and the competition is high. To sustain in this competitive market, sellers need to get along with the latest technologies. The marketplace integration is one of the processes that is completely packed with the latest feature that can help you add more value to your business. Let’s find out some of the remarkable features of this process.

Centralized Panel

The intuitive centralized dashboard enables you to analyze your online sales performance smartly across various eCommerce platforms. You can view the order summary of various products and the payment, inventory, shipping, and return reconciliation. eCommerce management software for marketplace integration fetches the data from various platforms and provides you with all the details in one single panel. Now you don’t need to go to different platforms and review the happenings manually. It provides complete visibility of all the sales activities under one panel. In this way, it can become easier for you to take the necessary actions regarding order fulfillment.

Real-Time Update of Order Processing

Order processing and fulfillment are the most crucial part of the eCommerce industry. It can become easier for you to manage the inventory through marketplace integration. You can quickly figure out the exact number of products in your stock. This is an imperative feature that can eliminate the possibilities of overstocking and out-of-stock situations. These are the prevalent issues that disrupt the seller’s overall online business. Apart from that, with the help of eCommerce management software for marketplace integration, you will be able to manage the shipping process automatically and even resolve the returns. All these benefits you in hassle-free order processing.

Various Account Support

The marketplace integration enables effortless management of various eCommerce accounts in one panel. Being a seller, you don’t need to visit the various platforms to collect vital information regarding your orders. Now you can manage your multiple accounts simultaneously. It saves your time and minimizes human errors. This feature allows you to sell the same product using various accounts from one single location.

These are the detailed features of Marketplace integration. It can also automate the shipping process and make it easier for you to keep track of each order. The eCommerce management software for marketplace integration also has the efficient feature of accounting integration which is also a part of this process. It provides a clear picture of your finances.


Hence, this is how marketplace integration works and helps your business grow immensely. This latest technology helps sellers diminish the several errors related to accounts and order fulfillment. This is an essential process, especially for multi-channel sellers, because they can not handle all the online activities alone. That is why sellers must go for the marketplace integration service via any advanced eCommerce management software.

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