Sponsored Products on Amazon

Sponsored Products are cost-per-click (CPC) ads that promote individual product listings on Amazon. In just a few minutes, you can create a campaign, even if you've never advertised before.


Gain visibility

Ads appear right where customers will see them on Amazon, such as the first page of shopping results and product pages, to help shoppers discover your products.

Increase sales with relevant ads

Sponsored Products can help you grow your sales on Amazon by reaching customers who are browsing for products like yours and directing them to your product page.

Control costs with CPC ads

You pay only when customers click your ads. You control how much you spend by setting your budget and choosing how much to bid per click.

Measure advertising success

Track a variety of sales and performance metrics that allow you to measure the direct impact of advertising on your business on Amazon and optimize your campaigns.

Get discovered

Advertising gives your brand and products visibility in the marketplace. Ads appear in highly visible placements within the shopping results page or on the product details page of Amazon.

Increase sales

Many shoppers come to ready to buy. Advertising can help you reach customers who are looking for products like yours.

Control costs

Pay only for the clicks your ads receive. Campaign reports track ad expenditure and performance so that you can learn what is working and fine-tune your campaigns.

Own The Buy Box

Sponsored Products Ads (like the rest of Amazon) are very competitive and they will only appear if the seller owns the buy box.



Nimit Goel, Founder

Sponsored Products have benefited me a lot in different categories I sell on I have achieved 40% increment in sales volume with very low advertising spend.