Application Programming Interfaces for Sellers

The Sellers API or Applications programming Interface of the eCommerce Marketplaces lets sellers retrieve information about their seller account, such as the marketplaces they participate in. Along with listing the marketplaces that a seller can sell in, the API also provides additional information about the marketplace such as the default language and the default currency. The API also provides seller-specific information such as whether the seller has suspended listings in that marketplace.

Sellers Application Programming Interface - eVanik


A marketplace is a market where the seller can list items for sale and customers can view and purchase items. Each marketplace has a unique ID associated with it. Multiple marketplaces can exist in a single country.

API Application Setup

As a registered seller you can log into the Seller APIs – Developer Admin portal, to register third-party applications that can call APIs.

Sandbox Environment

The sandbox is a staging setup where you can design, program, and test applications in a controlled environment before implementing them in the production environment. Products listed in this environment are not real; however, changing the base URL to that of the production environment enable the applications to go live with real products and users.

Production Environment

The production environment is the live Flipkart platform. Products listed in this environment are available to real Flipkart users. The information provided for this environment are governed by the Marketplace's terms of usage


Fetch Amazon selling fee for any product and estimate profits with Amazon FBA fee Application Programming Interface.

Listing Quality API

Our listing quality API helps you identify the attributes influencing the conversions of your product details page.

Product Trends API

Our product trends API extracts a handy list of top-selling products based on prices, best-sellers, ratings, reviews, and estimated sales over a period.

Amazon Profit Calculator

Input your custom warehouse costs like pick & pack fee and other operating costs. Our profit calculator will give a detailed breakup of selling fees, fulfilment costs, your net profit, etc.

Seller Application Programming Interface


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