eVanik OneWorld Suite and Zoho Books Integration

By integrating eVanik OneWorld Suite with Zoho Books, you will benefit from the following:

eVanik OneWorld Suite’s integration with your Zoho Books account enables seamless synchronization of your online channels’ accounting data.

  1. Sales Orders

    • All Sales Orders of your integrated online and offline channels, such as Amazon, Flipkart, Mesho, Snapdeal, and your website on Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento, etc, will get automatically pushed to Zoho Books.
  1. Sales Returns

    • The sales returns on eVanik OneWorld Suite will get pushed to Zoho Books in the form of credit notes, giving the reference of the original order and order date.
  1. Payments

    • Payments received from marketplaces, and other channels that have been captured on eVanik OneWorld Suite will be pushed to Zoho Books. It makes it easier to categorize these payments with the automatic bank feeds that are integrated with your Zoho Books.
  1. Expenses and Commissions (Including Marketplace Fee monthly invoices)

    • Commission Invoices from your marketplace channels will get pushed to Zoho Books with order level adjustments of the various expense heads like shipping fee, packing fee, etc.
  1. TCS and TDS

    • TCS and TDS entries will be pushed from eVanik OneWorld Suite to Zoho Books for each channel individually.
  1. GST Ready

    • Your Zoho Books will always be ready to file your GST returns at all times.

Install eVanik OneWorld Suite for Zoho Books from the link. Install Now.

Authorize eVanik OneWorld Suite extension for Zoho Books.

If you are using Zoho Books, you can connect your account in eVanik OneWorld Suite under:

> Settings >> Channel >> Add Channel

Scroll down to ERP Accounting Software and click on “Connect to Zoho Books

channel authorize




Configure your GST Settings in this link.

gst setup

Map your Products between eVanik OneWorld Suite using the Product Mapping Link.

product mapping

eVanik OneWorld Suite will now start pushing all your channel transactions to your Zoho Books account.