Competitor Product Research Tool with Live Indicators and Features in one single dashboard

To be a successful online seller, you have to encircle yourself with the correct accomplices, providers, and innovation. We get it. At eVanik OWS armed with Competitor Product Research Tool, we want to see you thrive so we’ve tried and tested the best in the ecosystem to help you on your journey.

Finding the right products to sell in your marketplace is crucial to your success. In any case, in the present exceptionally serious and continually shifting eCommerce marketplaces, it tends to be hard to figure out which products will return the most benefits. And as your marketplace grows, your stock choices increase, thus making the process significantly increasingly unpredictable.

Providing you the essential information regarding real-time product data, pricing and demand insights will help you to make the difference for your marketplace by allowing you to discover the right products for your catalogue and sell them at the most competitive prices.


Sales Estimates - Get estimated sales in just one click to analyze the niche.
Fulfilment details - Get all the data on FBA fees.
Sales rank - Obtain relevant information on Best Sellers Rank.
Historical Data - Get historical data of price and rank changing.
Quality pf Product Listing - Analyze listing quality via our LQS value.
Revenue Estimates - You can instantly check estimated revenue and obtain more data for your product sourcing.
View trends - Analyze Google trends on every product you're researching.
Profit Calculator - Calculate your estimated income in a few clicks.
Data Export - Export data in excel table whenever you need.
Instant infomation on ratings - Obtain information on how other products are rated in a blink of an eye.

Our Product Research Tool gives you competitive information such as:

The number of competitors you have in the marketplace
Category of the item
Sales Rank
Buy Box Price
Your competitors' price
Profitability indicator which can help you to forecast profit margins
Single-click to product Marketplace URL
Details like Sales Rank, ASIN, UPC, EAN, Product Name, Product Description, Product image, number of competitors, number of Amazon & FBA Sellers
Product shipping information like Item Length, Width & Height, Product weight, Author, Publisher, Publish Date & Edition.
Count of Customer review & Product rating
Product ID, Model Number, Manufacturer & MPN details
Other miscellaneous information such as Buy Box seller name, Fulfilment type, shipping dimensions & shipping estimate of the product.


Here’s How You Benefit

Easily find the right products
You can quickly discover products using keywords, barcodes, model numbers and more.

Instantly react to trends
Product Analysis provides real-time product benchmarking and sales performance, permitting you to plan your marketplace likewise.

Increase your conversions
By benchmarking your products with eVanik OWS, you can boost your sales by presenting your products in the best possible way, with the most optimized price.

Enhance your product catalog data
Product Analysis makes it easy to find accurate product information such as attributes, titles, descriptions, and images to add to your catalog.

Gain a competitive edge
Track your competition with product market share analytics and by observing products costs continuously in marketplaces over the globe

Enhance your catalog assortment and pricing
Optimize your product catalog based on market patterns, ratings and sales performance.

More than just pricing
In addition to price recommendations, get an overview of product pricing, including benchmark and tracking, market share data, and trendspotting. Settle on smart value choices to drive deals dependent on exhaustive market information.

Save yourself from days of research
eVanik OWS elevates your business by helping you put an end to manual research and saves your time.

Become a successful seller using the inside information that our product research provides. Find new niches and streams and consistently have an upper hand over other sellers.

Avoid aging inventory
For any ecommerce, a company's overall profit not only depends on revenue generation but also on cost reduction. Our Product Research Tool gives you information about products that have low demand, low productivity, and a high sales ranking. With this data, you can keep yourself from stocking on items that aren't performing admirably in the market and have a low likelihood of getting your profits. A bad inventory brings a lot more damage to the business than affecting the bottom-line alone.

Profitability analysis
We at eVanik OWS understand that it is really difficult to make decisions relating to your inventory. It is important to focus on profitability data while selling your stock. Our Product Research Tool makes it simple to figure your net revenues. It lets you forecast your profits and filters out items based on the highest margin.

Why eVanik OWS’s Product Research Tool?

Our Product Research Tool tells you about profitable niches, what to sell and at what price to sell, all under one roof. So why wait?