Track and Monitor inventory across marketplace channels

What is inventory monitoring for high-growth brands?

Growth-fueling inventory monitoring and management starts with understanding exactly what you have and where. eVanik  inventory management monitoring tracks the movement of your inventory from purchasing to real-time sales syncs to fulfillment to returns so that your team has visibility into the movement of your largest asset: inventory.

With eVanik OWS, you’ll have a reliable inventory monitoring system with dynamic inventory insights to avoid stockouts, prevent overstocks, and capitalize on every sale opportunity. 

Simplify inventory monitoring with eVanik OWS Inventory.

A cloud-based inventory monitoring system

Create sales strategies, manage re-order point, and keep your customers satisfied with eVanik OWS Inventory, a reliable inventory monitoring system.

Inventory Monitoring

eVanik inventory tracking and monitoring features

1. Inventory List

View as well as organize your products with custom filters. You can also view them as a complete list. Every product on the list displays stock on hand (for each location), committed stock (for each location), cost, moving average cost (MAC), and stock history.

2. Product details

Each product can be edited to include information such as multiple images, variants, SKU code, barcode, supplier code, options, weight, buy price, multiple price lists such as wholesale and retail, options like sellable, taxable, description, notes, and pack sizes.

3. Product history

Each product has a detailed inventory history, making it easy to see a comprehensive restock log for quantity, date, and assigned team members.

4. Variants

Each product can contain variants with product options such as weight, size, and color, as well as bundles and various pack sizes.

5. Bundles, product kitting and pack sizes

Define groups of items that are sold as one unit.

6. Barcode scanning

Barcode scanners can be used to search products by barcode, immediately entering item information into sales and purchase orders. eVanik inventory monitoring platform works with all standard barcode scanners.

7. Inventory details report

Check total inventory on hand and filter by product or location, total stock available, and total units committed. With eVanik inventory monitoring platform, the details can also be split by each product and variant.

8. Reorder report

Check all products and variants that have fallen below the reorder point in a list displaying supplier name, number of products and variants to reorder, as well as a link to the reorder page.

9. Stock adjustments

Our inventory monitoring enables you to increase and decrease stock levels for new products, returns, damages, shrinkage, and promotions – which also works for multi-item stock adjustments.

10. Inventory stock in hand report

See your total units in hand plus total costs, retail value, and total profit value for the stock in hand. For each product or variant, see the number of units in stock, if they're taxable or not, the MAC, the retail price, the inventory value, the retail value, the profit value, and the profit margin.

11. Incoming stock report

Check incoming stock by supplier and cost by the supplier. For each product or variant, supplier name, the number of purchase orders, the stock in hand, the incoming stock, and the total cost of an incoming stock will be displayed. Our inventory monitoring also lets you filter by location.

12. Location report

Select a warehouse or inventory location and check stock in hand, committed stock, last ordered stock, last purchased stock, inventory value, profit value, and profit margin.

13. Stock in hand syncs with sales orders

Stock in hand values is updated in the inventory tracking system once orders are fulfilled.

14. Stock in hand syncs with received purchase orders

Mark purchase orders as ‘Received’ and the stock in hand is updated.

15. Serial Number Tracking

Identify each item in your inventory with a code and track its movement from the point of purchase (POS) to sale.

16. Batch and expiry date tracking.

Track various batches of items and monitor their expiry dates so that, you sell them before the stock reaches its expiry date.

Increase fulfillment efficiency with eVanik inventory

             Centralized fulfillment – Marketplace orders get sent to your common store so you can fulfill all orders from a single interface
             Mark as Shipped – Tracking numbers are automatically sent back to the marketplace where the order took place.
             Know in real-time what’s happening with any order.
             Identify and easily merge orders that can be merged and save on shipping.

Tightly gripped inventory tracking and monitoring platform

With our powerful inventory tracking and monitoring and order management features, you can increase sales and fulfill orders efficiently.

Ready to Take a Step in the Right Direction?

If you’re tired of dealing with inventory issues in your business, learn more about eVanik tracking and monitoring platform. Find out exactly how our system can help you run your eCommerce business more efficiently, avoid wasting time and money, and attract paying customers again and again.