Marketplace Payment Cycles

When to Get Paid

eCommerce marketplaces including Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc, pay the amounts due to sellers as per the predefined payment cycles. These are done to ensure consistency and provision for correct reconciliation and returns.

Marketplace Payment Cycle
When will I get Paid

Settlement dates are pre-defined by marketplaces which generally range from 7 days to 15 days, either as per the date of sale or calendar month.

How will I get Paid

Almost all marketplaces will settle the payments through wire transfer to the Seller's Bank Accounts and provide the details in settlement report.

Payment Modes

The Marketplace Payment Cycle modes from customers could be Cash on Delivery or Prepaid. In either case, the seller gets the payment in Postpaid mode.

What is Deducted

Marketplaces charge various costs including selling fees, logistics, picking, packing, storage, and compliant deductions like TCS and TDS.

How to Reconcile

Reconciliation can happen either through manual spreadsheets or by using state-of-the-art automated reconciliation tools like eVanik OneWorld Suite.

When to Reconcile

The reconciliation activity should be ongoing as per either the payment cycle in case of huge order volumes or as per the calendar month, in the first week of the subsequent month.

When to Claim

The claims fall into various buckets and need to be claimed as per the claim window defined by the eCommerce marketplace channels.

How to Claim

eVanik's R2R claim reports are pre-templatized, which means that there is no need to rearrange or reformat these sheets when raising a claim ticket to marketplaces.

Marketplace Payment Cycle1

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Vishal Sharma, Founder

In eVanik we just need to set our filters and download the R2R reports and raise tickets for claiming. It's those small little details that, as a seller, make all the world of difference.