WHAT IS ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number)

Amazon’s Standard Identification Number (ASIN) is a unique 10-character alphanumeric identifier for a product on Amazon (for example B07ZB5C3ZM). It is linked to a unique SKU/EAN/ISBN code and is used as a reference to manage catalogue attributes, prices and inventory of a product.

Amazon Standard Identification Number
What is ASIN

An Amazon Standard Identification Number, or an ASIN, is a 10-digit alphanumeric product identifier code issued by Amazon to every unique item offered in its catalog and housed in its warehouses.

ASINs Can Be In Relationships

ASINs can also be organized in a hierarchy, also called a parent-child variation, to give your catalog structure and help keep inventory coordinated.

Not All ASINs Are Unique

If the product already exists on Amazon, you’ll have to match your product to its existing ASIN. That item will have to share its ASIN with every other Amazon seller offering the same product.

ASINs Prevents Unauthorized Sellers

An ASIN number is the base of Amazon’s product catalog structure. So, of course an Amazon ASIN important for organizational reasons.

You Don’t Always Need A Product ID

You don’t necessarily need a product ID—such as a GTIN, UPC (Universal Product Code), ISBN, or EAN (European Article Number)—to sell on Amazon.
First, check the Amazon catalog to see if your product already exists. If your product matches an existing product, you can add your offer on the existing product detail page without a GTIN.

Not All Items Have An Amazon ASIN

Most products on Amazon marketplace are assigned an ASIN, but not all. Books and book-like items, such as e-books, are the exception.
Instead of having to create a new ASIN, books may be referenced by their ISBN, or international standard book number.

Multiple Ways To Find A Product’s ASIN

Whether you have access to Amazon Seller Central or not, there are many ways to find the ASIN assigned to a specific product.

Web Address

Product Detail Page

Inventory Catalog in Seller Central

If you’d like to reference ASINs of items in your own product catalog, you can do so by navigating to the Inventory tab, then clicking Manage Inventory in Seller Central.

Amazon Standard Identification Number2


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