eVanik OneWorld Suite

 Integrated Web Based Accounting

eVanik's OneWorld Suite helps you integrate your Orders, Inventory and Payments into its inbuilt Accounting Module. With features like Order to Invoice, inventory reconciliation, multiple godown manager, Point of Sales module, Purchase Management, Manufacturing module, Tax management, this module wins over most existing stand along accounting software. What's more: the accounting module can get completely integrated with your existing accounting software like Tally etc.


 Multi-Channel Repricing Module

eVanik's catalogue module automatically manages your pricing on multiple marketplaces. Just define your base price and max price with change intervals. Not only, this will increase your chances of remaining on "BUY" button, but will also increase your margins for products where you are lower than required. No more need to have multiple people browsing product pages of marketplaces and changing prices manually. Our Repricer has inbuilt intelligence of capturing pricing trends.

 Order Life Cycle Management

Manages the life cycle for all your orders right from the order getting approved till shipped or delivered status

On your dashboard:

  • Get real time view on returns and unprocessed orders
  • Get alerts and smart analytics

 Transaction and Payment Reconciliation

Instant reconciliation for every order and its payment at Order Item ID level

Track unsettled transactions and unpaid orders for every marketplace.

Get better control on your cash flows.

 Cataloging and Onboarding Services

Convert your simple item files into e-commerce friendly and detailed catalogue.

With the auto mapping recommendation engine.

  • Map your items to existing products.
  • Create new products.

 Drop Shipping and Tracking

Manage your orders, shipping labels, manifest generation and courier handing over for all marketplace channels through one single window

Track the real time status of your order on your OneWorld Suite panel, no matter which courier partner you opt for

  • Map your items to existing products.
  • Create new products.

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