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eVanik OneWorld Suite

All the Features in One Place

Stay in Control of your e commerce business with the Smartest Features to Assist you 24x7

E Commerce Reconciliation

Just integrate your channels with eVanik OneWorld Suite and let us do the rest. Get your payments reconciled with 99% accuracy.

Automatic Repricer

Set your pricing bottom and high just for once and always get the winning Buy Now box for your products with no manual effort.

Visual Dashboards

Subscribe to our Add-On: the powerful and intuitive visual dashboards which are always connected with your data.

Returns Management

Keep a strong control on all your returns initiated by channels vs what you receive physically and in what condition.

Price Tracking

Let Salesla do the hardwork for you in terms of tracking what products to sell and at what price. Sip tea like a boss.

Inventory Management

Centrally manage and optimize your inventory across all your multiple ecommerce channels and keep growing your sales.

Integrated Accounting

Sync all your e commerce channels with your Accounting Software in a Single Click

Report Generator

Just one button will let you explore and download unlimited combinations of reports which you need for your decision making.

Track Product Wise Profit and Loss

Our robust algorithms will pull in all the numbers against every product which you sell on e commerce and give accurate P&L.