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Planning to sell online? You definitely need to prepare yourself, the biggest and smallest of ventures require preparation. When you will be prepared, you are ready to face the good and the bad of online selling. It does come with strings attached and here’s everything you need to be prepared before stepping into this field:


Without money, you can’t even think of starting any business so same applies for online selling! with the limited capital, you stand at a risk of not being able to rejuvenate your business. In case you face losses, leaving apart the future prediction! And there is an upfront capital required like marketplace fee which involves commission fee, shipping fee, and collection fee. Apart from all this the place where you store your items, i.e. warehouses cost, product cost and at last but not the least legal registration. And splurging a little on a quality good will do you no harm!


Yes, that’s a very important step, with so many sites to choose from it is important to know, which one you will finally sell-on and understand the rules for each site. They are not same for every site, some might charge you more than others and few might have strict policies. Few might be lenient in approach now it’s up to you to decide where your target customer might be and reach out to that site. Also, some e-commerce sites are product specific and not let you sell anything and everything, hence keeping that in mind you need to take your decisions.


This is a very important thing to consider, not being able to deliver what you have committed can leave you in a bad light. Your supplies have to be ready, laying a firm foundation for your future profits is important. The kind of trust your buyers will have on you might vanish in seconds if you do not deliver what you promise Also if you do not deliver it within the given deadline can affect your feedback badly. Sometimes certain products might do better than you expected and that is something you need to study in your market. Do research and come up with an inventory which has sufficient supplies.

Not being able to fulfill your commitments can also get you delisted, so keeping that in mind be prepared with your items.


Even if initially you are the only one selling the particular product and it is selling well, don’t just leave for a beauty sleep cause your nightmares might start while you are not awake. you might see few sellers sprouting from nowhere and selling the same product! Yes, it is a competitive market and in no time you might be losing the race. So keep a watchful eye and have your ideas handy! have a plan for positives and negative which might happen.

The world of online selling is extremely competitive, with much lower costs involved than that of brick and mortar shops. People rush towards online selling makes it extremely crowded. So it’s important to have an edge over others and have a plan in hand!

Although it might seem like a daunting task, but all you can do in it is, keep your business simple when you start and expand as you learn and grow. Being prepared should be your initial focus.

Posted by Lynda Boyce

Why Amazon is one of the best e-commerce site design in India

Best e-commerce website design
One of the basic prerequisites for online selling is an e-commerce site that is easy to use for the customers. In a previous post, we spoke about why sellers prefer online marketplaces over personal e-commerce sites. This blog lists down the various features that make Amazon one of the best e-commerce site designs in India.
Simple UI: A simple and uncluttered user interface is paramount to create a good customer experience. Information must be readily available to the user. This means that the icons and buttons must be self-explanatory, error messages must convey the issue and general usability should be easy. Additionally, having personalised recommendations improves user experience. Amazon has all these features and more, that make it a great shopping experience for your customers.
Responsive and Mobile-friendly: The mark of a good design is a responsive website. Also, since a major chunk of customers browse sites through mobiles, it is necessary for the website to be mobile-friendly. Amazon has a highly responsive design, which makes it easier for the customers to access it through any device.
Navigation: Ease of navigation is another feature that makes Amazon stand out from the rest of the e-commerce websites. The customer is not confused about what their next step is as the flow from searching a product. Browsing through them, adding it to the cart and checking out is extremely seamless.
Page loading: When a page takes a lot of time to load, a customer may lose his interest in the product and in this process you may risk losing out on that customer. Therefore, performance is a major aspect of a good design. The website should be able to load quickly even with slow net speed. Browser compatibility is another aspect of a good design wherein the website should be able to work on browsers whether they are old or new.
Easy checkout process: After adding a product to the cart, if a customer faces issue with checking out he may lose trust in your brand which is why having an easy check out process is highly important. Amazon provides a hassle free check out experience to its users. Additionally, there are various methods of checking out through cards, netbanking, wallets and cash on delivery.
Product discoverability: There are two ways a customer can find a product. One is by searching directly through the search bar and the other is through the navigational bars. In both the cases, discoverability of the product is extremely easy. Amazon ensures that your product is not lost amongst the other products. Also, recommendations can help the customer with related products as well.
Considering the above mentioned features it is very convenient to sell online at Amazon than create your own e-commerce site. Additionally, selling on Amazon saves you the cost of creating a website, maintaining it and updating it regularly. To reap the benefits of selling on Amazon, you need to be registered as a seller first. Register yourself here and begin your online selling journey today.

How to Register and Sell on TataCliQ

sell on tata cliqHow to Register on TataCliq

Ever since the launch of TataCliq in 2016 sellers have shown their interest to register on the platform. The current link Sell with Us on the website tatacliq.com takes you to a page telling you to drop a mail at partner@tatacliq.comAll mails to this ID bounce and show an error. You have no other option to register.

Read this article to understand the procedure to register with TataCliq.

First drop a mail to sellersupport@tatacliq.com with the following information

  1. Name –
  2.  Contact no –
  3. Email Id-
  4. Category –
  5. Brand name –
  6. Location –

You will receive an automate response. Follow up with them by dropping regular mails on the same chain mail.

After few days you will receive a mail from the category head. In order to enrol you need to sign and stamp on the agreement document sent by them. The agreement has to be printed on a Rs 300 stamp paper. You need to print an Annexure, which contains commission details, on the company letter head and sign it. Send the documents to the following address.

Tata Unistore
First floor, Empire Plaza 2
Chandan Nagar
LBS Marg, Vikhroli West

Once they receive the documents you will receive a mail containing “Seller Registration Form” and “ECS Form”. You need to fill these documents with relevant information and send it through email along with the following documents.

Document Required (Scanned Copies)

  1. VAT & CST copy
  2. Pan card copy
  3. TAN Copy (If Available)
  4. Service Tax Copy in case of any services billing
  5. LBT registration copy for Maharashtra – Municipal corporation wise (If available)
  6. CIN Copy (from ROC)
  7. Cancelled Cheque
  8. Company Logo
  9. Bank confirmation on electronics clearance form (Refer Attachment)
    •  Is to be filled on company’s letterhead
    • Need the bank’s stamp
    • You may send across a scanned copy of the signed and stamped document

Seller Registration Form (SRF)

  1. To be filled with all details pertaining to the registered company
  2. Must contain a list of all documents that you have provided to us as soft copies
  3. You may send across a scanned copy of the signed document

The Registered company name, Name on the PAN card copy and the name in the Bank details must be the SAME.

Seller Account Registration:

  1. Email ID: They will use this email id for Seller Account Registration purpose (Please note once the email id is registered, there is no provision to change it)
  2. Fulfillment Centre details: For multiple fulfilment centres, share different email id per location.

You also need to send a catalogue of products.

Few Advantage of TataCliq over other marketplace

  1. Flat commission is charged. No separate charges such as listing fees and logistic fees.
  2. Choose the Pincodes that you wish to service. That’s right you can decide whether to deliver in certain locations or not. This feature will be in control of your account manager.
  3. No return logistic and commission charges.(Currently)

TataCliq Pin Codes Restriction

Hopefully this article helps you get started on Tatacliq registration. There are many categories that they have yet to launch. Don’t be disappointed if your category does not exist, they will add them soon.