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Tally Integration with Ecommerce Marketplaces | One-Click

Tally. ERP9 is one of the leading accounting ERPs in the country today. With over 1.5 Million users, this 30 years old company has helped millions of small and medium enterprises manage their accounting, inventory management, taxation, payroll etc.

A very large population of e-commerce sellers in India use Tally for their e-commerce business. There are several manual tools in the market through which sellers manually update their e-commerce transactions into Tally. Moreover, all of these tools require an external 3rd Party tool to be installed into Tally, which mostly can be used only with one single license of Tally. The key problems of these tools are:

  1. It requires to download excel or csv files from e-commerce marketplaces and then converting them to a standard format which is accepted for an upload into Tally.
  2. Since the nature of orders statuses and other metrics on e-commerce marketplaces is so dynamic, the downloaded excel sheets will always vary every time you download the same. For example: today an order will show in a “Shipped” status and we will enter that into a Sales voucher into Tally. However, after a few days, the status of the order could change to “Returned” , “Cancelled”, “Lost” etc. Now this will require cumbersome vlooksups and other formulae to filter these out manually and revise the entries into Tally.
  3. Payments and Receipts come in an aggregated manner for the various orders fulfilled by a seller. Similarly, the payment entries need to have all the order details and settling off against the sales or return vouchers to get an accuracy on order wise outstanding. This is mostly not available.
  4. Sales Returns need to be adjusted against the original sales. Again a major challenge in manual Tally imports.

Is there a solution? Well, yes ! Evanik OneWorld Suite has developed a proprietary tool which works through a chrome extension. All the metrics of marketplaces get into the eVanik OWS tool and get processed and sequenced through it’s powerful algorithms. After this, the chrome extension pushes data into the user’s Tally. ERP9 software. There are various advantages:

  1. Tally sync through eVanik works on a one-click. Absolutely no requirement of any downloads / uploads of excel and csv sheets
  2. There is no requirement to install any module into Tally and affect the speed and performance of Tally
  3. All dynamic statuses in the e-commerce panel get real time updated into eVanik OWS and thereby into the user’s Tally software
  4. Being a 5 Star Sales and Implementation partner of Tally Solutions, all the data which gets into Tally is GST compliant and with zero mismatches
  5. Returns and Payments get adjusted against individual order IDs
  6. Evanik provides a reconciliation dashboard and a detailed list of all the entries which have been imported or not imported in the user’s Tally software.
  7. Evanik takes care of syncing Sales (Orders) | Sales Returns | Payments | Marketplace Fee and Taxes into Tally.
  8. All ledgers, SKUs (Products) get automatically created in Tally
  9. And all of this takes just a few seconds.

View the Video of Evanik’s Tally Integration Module and take a test drive today.

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