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What is an alias?

An alias is a way to have one SKU count as another SKU (for reporting and product settings purposes).

Some selling channels may not allow you to set up SKUs exactly the way you want. If you’re a multi-channel seller, this selling channel limitation could result in you having to keep track of different SKUs for what’s really the same product. Our Alias feature is designed to prevent this from happening!

Here’s a detailed example on how aliasing works. Let’s say that I’ve added an Amazon store which has SKU “Del-Burg”, but it really is the same product as existing SKU “00000” in eVanik OWS. Before any orders with SKU “Del-Burg” import from Amazon into eVanik OWS, I’ll add it as an alias to SKU “00000”.

Here’s an example of what that would look like if I’d gone to the Products tab, clicked on the record for SKU “00000” to open its Product Detail, then added “Del-Burg” under the Store Aliases tab:

Now that this alias is actively linking “Del-Burg” with “00000” in eVanik OWS, eVanik OWS will do the following:

  • Prevent a new product record for “Del-Burg” from being created in eVanik OWS.
  • Count any sales of “Del-Burg” as sales of “00000” instead for eVanik OWS reports.
  • Use the Product Detail settings for “00000” so that any SKU-specific overrides or shipping settings won’t need to be configured separately.

Please note that eVanik OWS won’t totally stop “Del-Burg” from appearing in eVanik OWS when ordered.

  • You’d see “Del-Burg” and the selling channel value for the name appear in the Order Details because eVanik OWS will not alter those selling channel values. Clicking on the “Product Detail” link would show that that the details for “00000” are indeed linked.
  • You’d see “Del-Burg” on pick lists unless you adjust a pick list option to see the linked SKU instead.
  • You’d see “Del-Burg” and the selling channel value for the name on packing slips, unless you make a couple changes to your packing slip’s HTML to see the linked SKU and the linked name instead.

Please note: It is also possible to import a product as an Alias via a product CSV import. This is only able to be manually configured.

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