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How do I connect my Amazon Marketplace account to eVanik OWS?

To connect your Amazon Marketplace account to eVanik OWS, simply follow the steps below.

1.) First, go to http://developer.amazonservices.com and click the Sign up for MWSbutton.

2.) Now, login with your Amazon Seller Account.

3.) Now, choose “I want to give a developer access to my Amazon seller account with MWS” and input the following information in the appropriate fields:

  • Developer’s Name: eVanik OWS
  • Developer Account Number: 0607-3625-2833

4.) Click the Next button, accept the license agreement, and click the Next button again.

5.) Here, you’ll be presented with codes for your Seller ID and MWS Auth Token.

7.) Click on Connect a Store or Marketplace and select Amazon.com.

8.) Where it asks, paste the Amazon Seller ID and MWS Auth Token from your Amazon account into eVanik OWS, and click Verify Seller ID.

9.) Once that’s verified, choose an Amazon Marketplace if applicable, and also choose how you want to identify your products.

  • For India based Amazon Marketplace stores, you’ll select Amazon.in.
  • If you have multiple options in this menu, please note that each option requires its own setup process. Choose one option for now and complete the setup process. Then run through steps 1-10 again, choosing a different option for step 9.

10.) Click Connect and you’ll set up your Store information, Customer Communication preferences, product handling, and service mappings. Save Changes and your orders will begin to import!

That’s it! Your Amazon store is now set up in eVanik OWS!

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